10 Awesome Things you can do in Goa

10 Awesome Things you can do in Goa

Goa is one of those places that everyone has been to for a holiday, may be for a family holiday or for a unmarried man party or just for a break. It suits everybody who desires a holiday and a break from the even life-routine. It offers you one of those quiet, private places by the seashore or atop a hill to relax and get away from development and enjoys the beauty of nature for a bit. While on the other hand it also amuses the party-crowd with its high energy levels of night-life, parties and night-clubs. It is the most trendy and chilled out tourist spot in India. It has a varied set of tourists all around the year from all over the world.

10. Adventure Sports

9. Trekking

8. A treat for your tummy

7. Camp by the Beach

6. Saturday Night Flea Market

5. Watching Tiatr

4. Spot some Crocodiles maybe.

3. Jungle Guitars

2. Experience a floating tent

So you have heard of house boats and fluctuating beds, and voila, now there is a fluctuating tent in Goa! It is one-bedroom tent fluctuating in the middle of a lake in Goa. It is originate near Mayhem Lake near Bichelama. You will also spot some at Winners Yacht Club at GTDC Placement around in the same area. You can devote your Goa break in these shelters, where you can idle all day and all night, or get available and take part in extra boat-related activities like Shiokara ride or a vibration boat ride. These accommodations are surrounded with floating eateries so you don’t have to nervousness about food or the absence of it.

1.Relax in Massage Parlor

So you are in Goa, and surely the whole point of going there is to take a break from the usual dull monotonous of life. So the first thing you need to get to do after landing in Goa is chill, and relax at all times. To help you get at it faster and more easily, you must try out one of the many well-known massage parlors in Goa. The most optional is Snip Salon and Spa located between Cannoli and Calangute seashore.


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