10 Best Crime TV Shows in the World

10 Best Crime TV Shows in the World

“Sir, you are knowledgeable that you have the right to stay silent. no matter which you say can and will be used alongside you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an lawyer. If you cannot pay for a lawyer, one will be provide for you. Do you appreciate the rights as I have just read them to you?”

If you are in the middle of those people who follow crime TV series with ritualistic tendency, then you must previously know verbatim the Miranda rights (quoted above). If you crime TV shows with favour in addition to fervour I wouldn’t be wrong to suppose that you have also, like me, mouth off the rights with full power and shameless glory as you see criminal handcuffed.

Crime shows on TV are a dozen for a penny and they do sell like hotcakes! In the words of Anthony Zuiker (creator of CSI) -“Murder is the ultimate catalyst for a good story, because the stake are the highest!” police officer fiction still remains one of the most highly read books, when you add an audio-visual characteristic to a good officer story, it is perceptible that you would end up with a viable product for TV! Thus, this list is a toast to all those amazing crime TV shows that obligatory us to put on Sherlock Holmes’ shoes and served us with good of the night leisure!

10. The Mentalist


8. Psych

7. Castle

6. White Collar

5. CSI (franchise)

4. Bones

3. Monk

2. Sherlock

1. Dexter

 If you varied offense and ethical code and a vigilante killer what would you have? DEXTER!

Dexter is a blood spatter analyst working with the Miami Metro Police section, who also moonlights as a serial killer. Umm wait, what? Yes, Dexter is a serial murderer, but not your customary run-of-the-mill serial killer! He is a serial killer with a ethical Code of Ethics (courtesy his foster father). A serial killer who kill other serial killers!

The show explore the depths of moral scruples and vigilantism and has hit a tall letter with TV viewers. Every period brings to table a new aggressive serial killer and how Dexter hasten their gathering with their Maker. It is a gripping, edge of the seat detective movie series that vegetation the viewer ask for more with every progressive period. Dexter is certainly a “Guten Morgan”!


Sumit Gulia

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