10 Countries in the World that have No Military

10 Countries in the World that have No Military

The military is a government fund organization that consists of first and foremost the Navy, Army and Air-force. The position of this group is to ensure nationwide security of the nation from perceived or real internal or outside threats. They are also a vital fraction of establishing manage. This is though technically different from the carrying weapons forces which is mostly meant for furthering supporting agendas. The military have existed since man flourish in civilization in large information. The profession of soldering is single of the oldest known ones in the earth. Despite the growing armed expenditures of nations such because United States of America, China, etc. and the commonness of conflicts, some country do exist today that only encompass such arrangements in a traditional role or they have discontinue altogether for an assortment of reasons.

10. Samoa

9. Kiribati

8. Tuvalu

7. Marshall Islands

6. Grenada

5. Nauru

4. Andorra

3. Costa Rica

2. Vatican City

1. Liechtenstein

This is interesting as these nations can serve as model for a more peaceful extinction. However, they do have some external law and order development consisting of a Police weakness, security services to help the citizens in daily affairs. Some are being guarded by former colonizers or from side to side certain peace agreement with more inexpensively powerful nations. This is over and over again seen for USA and the country of the Pacific the deep. Others dont have political independence and are basically dependency such as Guam, Bermuda be receive protection help from other nations as an alternative. Many are sparingly populated and often have low offence rates. A list of such country is  as follows:

10 Countries in the World that have No Military

10 Countries in the World that have No Military


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