10 Creative Ideas to Seek Revenge on Your Ex

10 Creative Ideas to Seek Revenge on Your Ex

The relationship part is the best time for a duo, they laugh, they cry, they fight unmoving they enjoy each other’s company since there is not anything more good-looking than having somebody only for yourself. But the happy days too, come to an end and the whole thing vanish the day you have a disintegrate. The harshest realism of the ending of a bond is the feeling that you are not loved any longer, you are not capable sufficient to fulfill the needs of that human being, you are not imperative as you used to be. everyone has their own way of getting out of a bad breakup, some cry over it, some drink a lot, some try to spoil with other populace and some go in sadness. But why torture physically because of the fact that your relationship could not live, especially when a bastard or a bitch is the cause after your sufferings?

10. Destroy expensive clothes

9. Prank Calls

8. Glass Crack Stickers

7. Embarrassment on Social platform

6. Hack it!

5. Stinky House

4. Fuel the next relationship

3. Break their beloved gadget

2. Date the friend

1. Move On!

Ok! This might seem attractive lame and I’m sure you must be thoughts that after flouting his phone, putting crap in the house and all that frightening stuff, what I am contribution you as the “best vengeance” is moving on? Well, yes! What happened, happen for a reason and for a good one. That person did not merit your love or love and even now s/he does not earn your time or that small space you have chosen him/her in your brain. not anything can turn up their head more than considering you happy again and not thoughts about them. So just do that! pardon him/her but for yourself, not for that loser. Meet new populace, start living life a new way and you will find contentment knock your door more frequently than before!

Sumit Gulia

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