10 Quick Workout Moves Burn Calories in Minutes : Jump-start a healthier new year with simple exercise moves that ramp up our calorie burn or tone all over. Plus, get more simple or effective workout routines.

If we have a hectic schedule and we know that time is of the essence when it comes to exercise. That’s why fitness expert Jenna Wolfe and author of Thinner in 30, put together this short routine that matches 2 different moves for 5 express workouts— and one total body tone-up. we’ll get more out of our exercise—faster—with this smart plan.

How it works: Do move #1 continuously for 35 seconds or rest for 15 seconds. Then do move #2 for 35 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Complete each pair twice before going on to the next group. Short on time? Fit in one pair now and then try to squeeze in a few more during the day.

core back moves

#1: Sea turtles

Lie on our stomach and keeping our head raised off the floor or our arms out in front on the ground. Squeeze our shoulder blades as we bring our arms or legs up and out wide at the same time. Then bring arms or legs back together or repeat.

#2: Good mornings

Stand up straight with our hands on our hips or our feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend forward at the waist and making sure you do not round our back. Continue forward until we are about parallel to the floor, then bring our self back up or repeat.

butt tightening

#1: Toy-soldier lunges

Stand tall, step our right leg back or lower into a lunge. Push up to the starting position and then kick our right leg up or touch our left hand with our right foot. Return our leg to start; do the move with our left leg. Alternate.

#2: Leg-swing bridges

Lie on our back with knees bent or feet flat on the floor. Lift our butt off the ground. Raise our right leg and then lower it until it almost touches the ground or continue raising or lowering. Switch legs after 15 seconds.

tummy toning

#1: All-fours elbow taps

Get on all fours with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Reach our left arm forward or lift our right leg behind we. Next, bring our left elbow or right knee in until they touch. Return to start or alternate.

#2: Slow climbers

Stand, bend your knees and then place our hands on the ground or walk them out into a push-up position. Bring right knee to right elbow or back, then left knee to left elbow. Keep alternating and then stand back up at the end.

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