10 Reasons why America is a big Superpower

10 Reasons why America is a big Superpower

The absolute ruler of the planet earth now is the United States of America, and why not, it has the whole thing in the world necessary for being the super most power. USA had emerge as the sole world power after the powerful USSR collapsed in 1990. Pre 1990, USA and USSR were the two countries that had broken down the world into two big piece. As history has witness, different empire or countries have comprehensive global pressure over the earth and its capital during dissimilar times. Though rising economies like India and China are strong threats, still one does not see USA’s pressure getting any lesser in the upcoming days. USA is at the top whether we look at the wealth issue or the protection factor. Nobody dares to mess with this super power; in its place each nation wants to preserve healthy relatives with USA seeking to expand along the lines of the big monster. But what individual things have always kept USA at the top? while the reasons are many, listed below are the top 10 things that errand America’s supremacy over each and every country of the world:

10. Brilliant minds:

9. No internal problems and good governance:

8. Optimum use of past opportunities:

7. Control over natural resources:

6. Highest stake in United Nations:

5. Intelligence Agency of America:

4. Allies:

3. Everything under the name of democracy:

2. Defense:

1. Economic stability of USA:

The US economy is the the majority stable in the earth, owing this constancy to their currency dollar which is used for all major dealings between different countries.  All major financial policies are made by dissimilar governments in the world observance in mind the American prediction. Any ruin in the US economy hits the world rather hard. The capitalistic free trade financial regime of America has bloom over the years and has accredited to the dollar bank of US. Americans are major producer as well as customers and American companies are in payment in all the countries of the world who have open their gates to globalization. America is therefore the global wealth leader and hence the most leading of all countries.


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