10 Reasons Why you Should End Your Bad Relationship Immediately

10 Reasons Why you Should End Your Bad

Relationship Immediately

Love is the most deep feeling known to human beings. Early months of a relationship are normally easy and exciting and everything is sugar coated. Being in love is an unusual feeling that some of us can’t get enough of. However, research shows that dreamy love actually suppresses out serious thinking and the chemicals in our brain cloud our judgments even more. Love tend to give us a ‘drug-like’ high and it feels so good that we simply take no notice of the red flags wave right in front of us. You get enthusiastic to them, but the thing about addiction is it doesn’t end well because eventually whatever it was that was getting us ‘high’ stops feeling good and starts to hurt. People are afraid to be alone so they find excuses to not walk away and hope that their partner will change over time. Don’t fool yourself, you can’t force change on your colleague the modify has to come from within. So how do people end up in harmful relationships despite caution signs that their partner was bad news to begin with? The answer: We’re blind by love. But at some point people need to open their eyes and face the fact. Here are 10 reasons why one must end their bad relationship right away

10. Change in inevitable

9. Cheating on you

8. Unhealthy for you

7. Abusive

6. Communication is essential

5. Second chances

4. Not worth it

3. Love yourself

2. Feeling under appreciated

1. Other fish in the sea

Don’t worry too much! There is a big shot for everybody out there in this world. Do not feel lonesome because everybody goes through +`divide and emerge a new person on the other side. Bad breakups are a part of your life and you just have to be physically powerful and fight it out. If you’re thinking ‘what if he/she was “the one” for you?’ perhaps they were and maybe they will for all time be an heroic love according to you. opposing to popular belief there are actually manifold ones and the only way to find another is to let go and move on. One day an important person else will come along and clean you off your feet and make you understand why it never work out with anybody else. So suspend in there, you will be just well!

Sumit Gulia

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