10 Reasons Why you Should be Happy Always

10 Reasons Why you Should be Happy Always

You must have heard that “Happiness is the best medicine”. It is true! mirth is certainly the best antidote. contentment is not overrated! It is when you be happy as well as free of all kinds of worries that you appreciate its worth. No extra sentiment can give you this kind of execution. Happiness the best emotion one can practice. It is overwhelming, yet subtle. It is the most satisfying, yet comes in traces. It is hard to spot as healthy as tricky to achieve. But it is the final reason of life. No matter what your position is in the civilization, all you seek is happiness! Your goals as well as aspiration ultimately lead to happiness. original pursuit like music, dance, theatre as well as art all thrive because they give us pleasure.

Through the arrival of the ‘busy- bee’ life as well as the life of cut gorge opposition, it is difficult to stay focused as well as be happy. Through so many distraction that can make you unhappy, it is very not easy to be rooted. To be happy, it is very imperative to stay grounded as well as feel the contentment. regrettably, happiness will not come at your beck as well as call. You should just shrug off all the worries as well as live for the minute. You should embrace as well as accept life as it comes. You must be prepared to let go of the past as well as stop worrying about the future. That is when you will be happy!

10. For good thoughts – Optimism

9. For better problem solving ability

8. It increases your productivity

7. Beauty

6. For longevity of life

5. For better relationships

4. It gives a sense of fulfillment

3. It boosts your interests

2. You stay healthy

1. You can make others happy

I would like to quote Charlie Chaplin:  “Life laugh at you when you are unhappy. Life smile at you when you are happy. But, Life salute you when you make others happy.” Unless you are happy, you cannot make other people concerning you happy. When you are happy as well as enjoy yourself, you can spread happiness to others around you.  giving pleasure to others is a very noble thing to do. It gives purpose to your life. It improves the excellence of life. It bridges all gaps as well as eliminates community ills

Sumit Gulia

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