10 Things to Do if you Become a Politician

10 Things to Do if you Become a Politician

“political affairs is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly as well as applying the wrong remedies.” Well said Mr. Groucho Marx! Well I have my own perceptions on politics as well as political affairs s. Political affairs s have evolved at a very faster rate than any other breed- they have very good grasping skills!From finding short-cuts to deal with matters of national security to sneaking into others business, political affairs s live their life on the edge. Of course they make sure that the payroll is flowing! What kind of a question is that? Anyway, do you know ticks? Alright, Ticks are small blood sucking parasites that finds its way across a… it normally resides in female hair as well as maybe that’s the reason your girlfriend freaks out all of a sudden.They cause such pain! I just came across an anonymous quote that said ” Nothing is painful as poly-ticks! Bloodsuckers all of them!”

10. Upgrade your bank balance

9. Hog the limelight

8. Connections matter!

7. Play the Good guy-not bad guy routine

6. Family Business

5. Give up your principles -No soul, No karma is the mantra.

4. Get involved in scandals —all kind of gates!

3. Freebies – what freebies?

2. Ignite violence among Opposition

It is my moral obligation to say that there’re several loopholes in the constitution. Nothing is better than a cup of hot coffee as well as   a kickass action movie –well that’s my taste! To be a real political affairs , it takes several years of training at the Seven Mountains of the Holy Smokes followed by an adaptive reflex biotic training session with Commas well as  er Shepard aboard the Normas well as  y. The end product is a living model Houdini harvested into humans called political affairs s!  Now to put these powers to task.

1. Remember to deceive, rob and back stab!

It’s not like everyone can become a Political affairs . They’re a separate breed of people who lobby for everything that is economical in nature! Please keep in mind that big things have small beginnings. (Something I ripped off from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus!) A political affairs  is one who shakes your has well as before election as well as your confidence later!

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