10 World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

10 World’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

There is nothing that the lucid mind cannot understand, or so believes mankind. Stimulating the finest of technical developments and the logical minds, stand there few secrecies of the world that remain unresolved. Thousands of cohorts have lost sleep, trying to decode them, but they stand obstinate and promise to ruin another few cohorts’ sleep. While the strive for solving the jigsaw endures, let us take a moment and wonder at the Top 10 World’s Greatest Unexplained Mysteries.

10. Bermuda Triangle

9. Shroud or Printed Cloth?

8. Where did Amelia Earhart disappear?

7. Mystic Monsters.

6. HOW were the Pyramids built

5. E.T- a myth or reality

4. Intuition

3. Is the world doomed

2. Who came first

You must have come crossways this poll at least once in your lifetime. So who came first? Was it the chicken or the egg? This trick question is favourite of all eras. With no indication and lack of sure shot philosophies; this is one of the unsolved secrecies of all times. Another similar quandary is whether woman came first or did man? No quantity of research, mythological stories or legends has helped us to get an answer to this difficult question. Some questions are best left unrequited.

1. We can’t find it… Mom finds it easily. HOW

Son: Mom where’s my blue t-shirt? Mom: It’s in the second ledge of the storeroom. Son: But mom I can’t find it! *Mom walks into the room, reaches out to the second shelf and emerges with the blue t-shirt*. This mystery certainly takes the entire cake. People right that when they are looking for something very intensely they fail to find it but when they ask their mothers to find it, the thing magically seems and then the mother finds it. I’m sure no amount of methodical reasoning and investigation will help us get to this one. Thanks to our moms!

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