Best Weight Loss Tips in Just 14 Days

Best Weight Loss Tips in Just 14 Days

If You want to loss your weight then make a look in my article.

Here Some Medical Fact in human liver metabolism (BMR).

Basically You Won’t do anythings spacial. Make some habit in your daily lifestyle. Then you get fit and stay fit Just simple.

If BMR is unbalanced then body gain extra weight and sometime loss extra weight.

For balancing the BMR in our body follow these steps.

First of all leave all tension and feel free.

Best Weight Loss Tips in Just 14 Days Let’s Start Step By Step

1 Take a liver tonic

Drink a best quality liver tonic three times in a day. That’s help in you BMR in your body. And

Take a liver tonic
Take a liver tonic

Makes a healthy liver.

After that you need some workouts for feet yourself.

2 Warm Water with lemons Juice

Use warm water after wake in morning and get ready for workout/ running.

2 Worm Water with lemons Juice

Drink worm water in morning with lemons juice and honey.

3 Running

Running is very basic exercise. You can start running 1 times in a day after 10-15 day you can

increase running timing and 2 times in a day. It will be help mention you body and gives you a


Now you need Setups Increases timing a/c to your capacity. Do maximum leg exercises.

4 Taking Green Tea regularly

After morning workouts then take a tea. You can drink tea 3-5 times in day but don’t forget you

Must drink after workout.  After that you can drink in office or anywhere.

5 Stay Sugar Free

Stay Sugar Free
Stay Sugar Free

Now make a look on you daily feed. Avoid Sugar use only Sugar free think for eating and Drinking.

6 Avoid Jung food

Now you need improve you daily food. Avoid Jung foods.

7 Eat Organic and vegetable

You need use Organic food in your daily life.

8 Not Using lifts.

If you are using lifts in you office/ School/ Collage etc. Then leave it and use stairs it will help

your calories. And helps in weight loss.

9 Food on time

Taking your breakfast/lunch/diner on time.

10 Yoga

Now just finally last steps after all steps take some time for yoga.

Meditate  / yoga are very powerful part of a day it will helps constraint and making your thinking

positive and gives to you back support. Making a day powerful and fresh.

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  • Correct your spelling before posting and some of your sentences don’t make sense

  • Kristine
    1 month ago

    You might want to check your spelling and double check your using the right word for what your trying to say. Im going to guess you,the author of this article does not use the english language much but i can guess you the author would get alot more readers and believers if you sounded like you knew what you were saying. For one instance,we do not drink worm water(yuck)but we can drink warm water,and another during yoga we meditate not mediate. There were many others,just saying.

  • Nice article but you should work on your english
    proper pull up

  • Brother you should work on your English

  • Please work on your english bro!

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