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5 Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

5 Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin therapy…you’ve seen it everywhere from your Instagram feed to your neighborhood’s new drip lounge. But what exactly makes IV vitamin therapy so great?


IV vitamin therapy efficiently administer vitamins, minerals and medications to the body without relying on the digestive system. It delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream, making them instantly accessible by the body for use.


Offering 100% absorption, IV vitamin therapy ensures cells receive the nutrients they need to thrive. This optimal cell function promotes a number of body systems.


While there are many, here are the top 5 benefits of IV vitamin therapy.


  1. Increased Wellness

Wellness includes not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. The body needs a certain level of vitamins and minerals to work at its best, however, the demands of daily life can make it difficult to get these. IV vitamin therapy delivers nutrients that the body can absorb and use immediately. Ingredients like L-Carnitine, with its memory and mood enhancing effects, and Vitamin A, a key player in brain, skin, muscle, heart and immune health, help you up your total wellness game.


  1. Illness Prevention

Many factors can take a toll on your immune health, such as stress, lack of sleep and poor diet. As immune health decreases, you are more susceptible to sickness. IV vitamin therapy strengthens your immunity by delivering the nutrients your body needs to fight off illness. Ingredients like Vitamin C, known to fight illness and stress, and Zinc, an immunity powerhouse, work preventatively to ensure illness doesn’t stand a chance.


  1. Rapid Hangover Relief 

Alcohol dehydrates you, depleting your body of nutrients in the process. This results in shrunken tissue, particularly in the brain, which causes headaches and muscle aches. The liver also generates toxins, adding to your hangover discomfort. IV vitamin therapy combats these symptoms by delivering hydration through saline solution alongside anti-inflammatory ingredients that quickly relieve pain.


  1. Enhanced Beauty 

Beauty begins on the inside. Unlike topical treatments, IV vitamin therapy delivers antioxidants directly to the body, cleansing cells of free radicals that contribute to aging and tissue damage. In addition to slowing the aging process, IV vitamin therapy helps to strengthen hair and nails while decreasing the appearance of wrinkles and illuminating the skin.


  1. Improved Athletic Recovery 

Any workout – from professional to amateur – exhausts the body. Exercise causes muscle fatigue, while also causing a buildup of free radicals. IV vitamin therapy wipes these away, while restoring hydration and nutrients. Plus, amino acids decrease muscle loss and improve metabolism. With IV vitamin therapy, athletes can recover at a much faster rate, meaning performance improves as well.


…So that’s what makes IV vitamin therapy so great! Everyone has different bodies with different needs. With its numerous benefits, IV vitamin therapy provides a solution for all. 

ivee offers a variety of IV vitamin therapy treatments in order for you to feel your best no matter the circumstance. With the ivee app, you can have a nurse to your door within 15-30 minutes, meaning you can achieve ultimate wellness fast. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home. 


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Health | Health Care | Best Weight Loss

Losing weight is tough, both mentally and physically. New science shows that when the body starts to lose substantial amounts of weight, it fights viciously to gain it back. But despite the biological roadblocks, plenty of people are successful at losing weight and keeping it off over the long term. Health | Health Care | Best Weight Loss.

But how? As part of its recent exploration of the new science of weight loss, TIME asked 9 weight loss and obesity experts their best advice for people who are trying to lose weight. Here are their top tips for what works when it comes to slimming down.

Cut out soda
“Avoid all sugary drinks, as they provide ’empty calories’ that don’t fill you up. The sugar may uniquely act on the liver to produce belly fat.”

—Dr. Dean Schillinger, chief of the University of California, San Francisco Division of General Internal Medicine

Don’t focus on calories
“The ‘calorie in, calorie out’ approach fails, because it disregards how food affects our hormones and metabolism. Pay attention to food quality.”

—Dr. David S. Ludwig, professor of nutrition at Harvard Medical School

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Keep it basic
“The simple message is to eat a healthful diet and to engage in more moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. The challenge is how to actually accomplish that in an environment that seems to push us constantly in the wrong direction.”

—Dr. Stephen R. Daniels, pediatrician-in-chief at Children’s Hospital Colorado

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Adjust your goal weight
“Aim to achieve and improve health and reach a psychologically ‘happy weight,’ not an unrealistic ‘ideal’ weight that may be impossible to reach for most.”

—Dr. Jaideep Behari, associate professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Commit to change
“People need to have the mindset of someone who is ready and willing to make some permanent changes in the way they live. A number of treatments can create short-term weight loss without a great deal of effort from the person, but they don’t allow for long-term weight loss.”

—Dr. Michael Jensen, obesity researcher at the Mayo Clinic

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Eat delicious food
“You need a program that satisfies hunger and has good food so it doesn’t feel like a diet. Hunger erodes willpower, and that’s the reason most diets fail.”

—Susan B. Roberts, professor of nutrition at Tufts University and founder of iDiet

Recruit support
“Make small changes that stick, make changes as a family and keep it positive.”

—Dr. Stephen Pont, medical director of the childhood obesity center at Dell Children’s Medical Center

Health | Health Care | Best Weight Loss

Get educated
“The culprit is not bad choices by individuals. It is the toxic food environment in which calories are ubiquitous. Until the food environment changes, everyone must become aware of the calories they consume, especially those from beverages, sweets, and other calorie-dense foods.”

—Dr. Lawrence J. Appel, director of the Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology, and Clinical Research at Johns Hopkins University

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Make friends with moderation
“A person can eat almost anything they want, but the portion size has to be appropriate. For example, eat dinner on a salad plate rather than a dinner plate to cut the portion size in half.”

—Melinda L. Irwin, professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health

Health | Health Care | Best Weight Loss

Best Cardio For Girls And Women at GYMING

Best Cardio For Girls And Women at GYMING

In times when people are more concerned about Facebook activity than physical activity, junk food chains & obesity seem to be ruling the game. So much so, that obesity by itself has been deemed an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), killing nearly 2.8 million people every year (according to WHO). Initially considered to be limited to rich & well developed economies, it has now become just as rampant in the developing world too. Add to that, the increasingly mechanical lifestyles driven from one end to the other by technology. The increased campaigning for health, while it has enlightened a few, most stay out of its ambit. Keeping all of this in mind, we bring to you the Top 10 reasons Why Gyming is Good for Health, to motivate you to get off that couch you are so comfortably settled in, & achieve a good physical & mental shape (if not the John Abraham-esque physicality!). Some Basic Reasons Why Gyming is Healthy.


Best Cardio For Girls And Women at GYMING

That you burn calories during a workout is common knowledge. But what’s better news is that you continue burning calories after a workout of moderate to high intensity, get this, without even trying. Here’s presenting the divine concept of the Afterburn. The rate of metabolism of the body increases by several times during a workout. & this stays till much after the workout itself. The best afterburn happens after a long, strenuous weight training workout (when compared to cardio). So you continue burning more calories even without really trying, with the effects sometimes lasting even overnight! Sounds like a good deal to make, doesn’t it?

We find ourselves, too many times, putting things (like exercising, for example) off, being too laid back, lazing around, gorging & binging on whatever we may feel like etc. – all, instances of being undisciplined, sometimes, despite not even wanting to. The one stop cure to all this is regular exercise. Indulging in a regular activity, like gyming, induces self discipline & self control, reducing the chances of such behavior. So next time, you’ll be sure to be a little thoughtful about adding extra cheese on your pizza.

Best Cardio For Girls And Women at GYMING


Smooth functioning body
Exercising is essential for overall health. This is a tenet that has reinforced itself on us time & time again. Think about our gr & parents who come from a time when cars were few & far, when fun implied a good two-three hours of playtime outside, when the alternative to walking was cycling… & look how healthy they’ve been, going nice & strong at eighty years of age. It’s hard to go back to that time, but it’s relatively easier now to attain or at least work towards that level of health, with the easy access to gyms today. A little bit of effort today will go on to keep all those joints & muscles in place for when you grow old.

Best Cardio For Girls And Women at GYMING

Weight loss
It is only when our body reaches a certain level of intensity during a workout, does the glycogen start getting oxidized. To put it in simpler, layman terms – you need to exercise for a given duration of time, nonstop, for the fat to get burned. & disappointing as it may be, this does not happen even if your job has you running up & down staircases or walking a lot, because of the lack of consistency & intensity. Enter gyming. It is where you focus single-mindedly on your workout for the period that you do workout for. Plus, with trainer, you have someone guiding your every move. & this is what actually helps.

Guilt Free Eating
How heart rending it is, to not add a little butter on top of the popcorn, to not eat that last slice of pizza, to not add cream to your coffee! & if you do, do any one of these things, then the guilt that takes over is absolutely insurmountable. The quick-fix to this is a regular gyming practice. Since you’ll be burning away most of what you’ll eat during the day ( & possibly more),you will no longer have to feel sorry or guilty for that dash of chocolate syrup in your coffee, or butter on your popcorn, or extra cheese on the pizza, or…


Fitness Tips for Teenage Girls

This is the one, single reason behind our ability to perceive happiness, comfort, wellness & love. & , their production undergoes a boost when you exercise. Think about how great you felt, when you were younger & played in parks. ‘Runner’s High’ is one of the well known outcomes of a moderate to high intensity workout & is said to occur when the body is at the threshold of endorphin release. So, once out of gym, you are bound to feel stress free, relaxed, satisfied & remarkably happy with yourself. You start feeling fit too, even if it is just the first day of your workout, which just adds on to the endorphin magic!

Best Cardio For Girls And Women at GYMING

Weight Loss Training For Women Step by Step

Weight Loss Training For Women Step by Step

Useful training is, without a doubt, one of the most important forms of exercise. While regular activities in fitness classes & fitness centres are all beneficial, Useful training focuses on the parts of your body that are used on a daily basis. The goal is to be able to carry out these daily tasks with the knowledge that your body is strengthened & toned to do them with ease. Functional Training For Women Step by Step.


Typically, Useful training involves a lot of weight-bearing activities. These are targeted at core muscles as well as the upper & lower body to work out multiple muscle groups at the same time. By targeting functional muscle groups, you’re able to benefit from improved muscle memory balance, flexibility, posture, & coordination. The cardio-respiratory system also benefits from training as you’re able to complete your daily tasks, such as lifting a child off the floor or walking up several flights of steps, with minimal strain on your body.

Useful training makes up a considerable part of exercise programs for women, as well as general “get in shape” classes. Personal trainers also include them in small group training sessions alongside standard fat-burning exercises. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, you’ve got big weight loss plans, or you’re just looking to have more energy during everyday tasks, there’s every reason to look at Useful training. We’ve included a few exercise options below.

Weight Loss Training For Women Step by Step

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings can help you strengthen all your pulling muscles. The muscles targeted are used every day in lugging heavy groceries to the car or picking up children from the floor. The goal is to learn how to extend your hips & exert more power to ensure you’ve got more energy & strength to get the job done.

yoga ashtanga vinyasa padmasana poza lotosa Gumerova Aliya Tailand Phuket Minsk
Squat jumps

Squat jumps, which help you to jump, stand-up fast, extend your hips & knees & apply force, are beneficial in Useful training. They help you to lift with speed & power, & with repetition can reduce the risk of fatigue & sore muscles.

Weight Loss Training For Women Step by Step


Step-ups help to strengthen your lower body which is helpful in all kinds of daily activities. The best part is, you can carry out step-ups anywhere – including your own home. By doing step-ups, you’re able to enhance your quads, hamstrings, & gluts.

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Lunges work your entire lower body, including your major leg muscles. You put one foot forward, one backward, bend your knee low to the ground, & raise your weight off your body. Ensure you keep your feet parallel & don’t let your knee go beyond your toes on your front foot.


Your chest, arms & core muscles will be used far more throughout the day than you ever thought. However, it won’t be until you go to do something out of the ordinary that you realize your body isn’t used to it. The result is sore muscles, weakness, & fatigue. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to include push-ups in your Useful training or fitness class. Remember, start your push up with your stomach & chest flat on the floor. This helps to build up more strength than a “half” push up would.

Weight Loss Training For Women Step by Step

Weight loss Tips FOR GIRLS

Weight loss Tips FOR GIRLS

The countdown is on, & everyone is getting ready to tuck into a delicious Thanksgiving dinner where it seems second & third helpings are a must. While traditionally it’s known as a time for trousers to be extended to make way for lashings of turkey, cranberry sauce & potatoes dripping with butter, it’s also a time when your health can suffer. 4 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving For Girls.


The amount of food we consume during Thanksgiving can often be more than our bodies can h&le. The proof is literally in the pudding, where weight gain is common, along with bloating, indigestion & other digestive problems. When you’re looking to get in shape & experience weight loss, your body is used to regular, small meals. So, when you all of a sudden burden your stomach with rich foods, the symptoms of your body rejecting the caloric intake can last for days.

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Everyone should enjoy Thanksgiving, but we’ve included four tips below to ensure it’s as healthy as it can be.

4 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving For Girls

Eat a nutritious breakfast
When you wake up on the morning of Thanksgiving, you may decide to skip breakfast to ensure there’s enough room for a generous helping of turkey. However, it’s essential that you give your body the fuel it needs to start the day. Not only can eating breakfast kickstart your metabolism, but it also helps to control your food intake should you consider going “all out” at dinner time. Therefore, when you get up, make yourself a poached egg on toast with whole grain bread, or even a bowl of toasted muesli with yogurt. You can also learn new meal options from a weight loss program held at your local physical fitness facility.

Bring a healthy appetizer
If you’re heading to the home of someone else for Thanksgiving this year, don’t be afraid to bring a healthy appetizer. While many people use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to eat all those foods that are high in calories & low in nutritional value, there’s nothing wrong with bucking the trend. In fact, there are sure to be people who appreciate a refreshing dish to start the main meal. Opt for a simple salad or even a whole grain pasta dish.

4 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving For Girls

Reduce sugar & fat
If you’ve been given the task of preparing Thanksgiving dinner, there’s no reason why you can’t be wary of your sugar & fat intake. Instead of using whole fat cream or milk, butter with salt, & broth that’s laden with fat, why not opt for diet versions where possible? Shop for light dairy products, opt for butter with reduced salt content, & even swap traditional fatty broth for a fat-free version. Not only will your health benefit from the change, but your guests won’t even notice!

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Go for a walk after dinner
It’s all too easy to slump into a chair post-dinner & relax with a movie on TV. Fight the urge, & get active instead. You don’t have to make a trip to a Health & Fitness Center, but even a short 15-minute walk is enough to get your body feeling better after such a large meal.

Weight loss Tips FOR GIRLS

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