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How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

If you are a blogger then it is very important for you to know the blog google mobilefirst index. Because Google has changed its search engine ranking factor.

If you do not make your blog mobile friendly then your ranking may fall in the search engine.

Now you might be thinking that your blog is also open on mobile, so what is the problem in it? Opening on the blog does not make sense. It also depends on how well your blog is open on mobile, in how much time it is opened.

Most traffic is coming from mobile at the moment. You can check your blog’s google analytics report.

57% of all traffic traffic comes from mobile only. The remaining 43 percent of the traffic comes from the desktop.

For this reason, Google will now give high ranking to such a blog or website which is also fast loading on mobile.

Now it is important for you to also optimize your blog’s designs, images, script in such a way that your blog can give a better experience to the mobile user as well.
Let’s first know what is Google’s mobile-first index?


What is google mobile-first index

As soon as a user types in your question or query in google, desktop or mobile, the result is immediately in front of the user.

If your blog is not mobile friendly then your blog post will be posted in the SERP of your desktop version of Google. But it is not necessary that he will be listed in the search results of google’s mobile version. Or in the same position. Which is in the desktop version.

By checking the google mobile-first index, it checks which blog or website is giving the user a better experience on the mobile device, giving them high ranking.

If seen, the number of desktop users is slowly declining and the number of mobile users is increasing, and in such a case, if you have to keep your blog ready so that when Google starts its mobile-first index completely . If your blog gets outrank from the search engine.


How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

If you want your blog to be ready for the google mobile-first index, then you have to take care of some details and you may have to make some changes to the theme of your blog.


Check out the blog’s mobile friendly

First of all, check with your mobile friendly link to check whether your blog is mobile friendly or not.
If not, then first use a theme that is a mobile friendly theme. If so, then cross the first step of the google mobile-first index and now you have to do another test of your blog.


open your blog in a mobile itself

Now open your blog in a mobile itself and see if you are a user then you are having difficulty in saying this blog.
If you are unable to do it yourself, you can also get help from your friends. And they can take a look at the shortcomings of designing your blog i.e. the user interface.

If your friend is not able to operate with your blog’s user interface, then you have successfully completed the second step of the google mobile-first index.


Check the page speed and load times of Blog

To get a high ranking in google mobile-first index, you have to keep your blog’s page loading time less than 3 seconds. If the page loading speed is more than 3 seconds then correct it.

Google is ranking high on those sites whose page loading time is short. For this you can check the load time of your blog using GTmetrix site.


Say goodbye to Flash content

Some mobile devices do not support flash content. There is a message show on them. If you also put flash content in your blog, Say goodbye immediately.


Avoid using pop-ups

If you use popups in your blog, then you avoid using it because when the user opens your blog on Mobile it covers the entire screen of mobile. How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

This causes the user to have trouble, and he leaves your blog and goes away. If you have even opened a blog or site then you will have trouble if pop-up comes.


Use only compressing images

If you use images in your blog or in its blog post, then you use it only after compressing it properly in blog.

Increased graphics increase your blog’s page load time. Additionally, graphic mobile phones are not able to load very well.


Blog’s font size

If you want your blog ready for the google mobile-first index, then 75 percent of your blog’s font size should not be less than 16px, and it’s a ranking factor of google too.

If this is the case then you should correct it immediately. The small font size will not look better in the user’s mobile.


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How to Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

How to Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

Friends, if you are a blogger then you must know how important it is to update the daily post on the blog, but sometimes for some reason we are out there, and it is not possible to publish the post at that time.

So we think that today our visitor will not get to read something new, and our visitors will be disappointed. So let’s get rid of this problem and tell the people that you want to publish the blog post on your own schedule?

Regular Updating the Blog is also better than SEO’s. And pages also rank quickly in the search engine. As far as the search engine is concerned, let you know that all the search engines like the blog or the website that updates daily.
If you publish the post on your blog at a specific time, then it can also benefit SEO and search engine rankings.


Auto-Schedule Your WordPress Blog Posts

If you schedule and publish your blog post, you and your blog can have many benefits. Some of which we are telling you the people below.

Fix a certain time of publishing the Daily Post, so that the visitor will know which time the new post will be published, and they will read it as soon as it is published.

If you can not publish the post at the right time due to work, your post will be published at the same time with the help of schedule, and you and your visitor will not be disappointed.

Posts in the search engine begin to be quickly indexed. Because the blog or website that updates daily, the search engine likes it very much.

If you have posted an automatic schedule at any time, you will be online at that time or your post will be published at the right time.


How do I schedule the blog post for automatic publishing?

If your blog is on, where you write a new post, it is scheduled from the same.

Before setting an automatic schedule of the post, set your blog time zone according to your country, otherwise the time zone will be postponed according to the time of the post.

First of all, write your article or post completely and prepare it. After that there will be a schedule for the post setting in the post setting on the right. Click on it

Now select the date and time from here. The date and time you want to publish it.

Now you publish that post. Your post will be automatically publish according to your set time and date.


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What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

If you look in terms of SEO, there are some benefits and there is some harm to it. But if seen, it is more damaging than it is. So the most important thing is to get remove it from your blog.

It happens in the way of a sweet poison. Which will first take you to the top ranking in SERP, and as soon as the search engine checks it, it will remove all your content from the SERP.

There may be a result of going to the top in the duplicate content search engine, but it does not have to stop there.

                                            What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content?

When the same content is ranked several times in the search engine, or such content whose title tag or meta description is the same, all such types of content fall into the category of duplicate content.

There are many types of duplicate content in any blog.

Duplicate content is content that has been used many times in blogs.

Many times it happens that there are two posts on the blog, but the title of those posts in the search engine is the same.

Even if the blog post has a meta description, the search engine explains the duplicate content.

Actually duplicate content is a kind of copyright content. For this you can remove the search engine, in the category of spam and remove it from SERP. What is duplicate content | How to Remove Duplicate Content

Due to duplicate content issue in blogspot

When a blog or a website becomes the URL of the same blog post multiple versions, this kind of problem comes up.

The blogger blog has three parameters. With a simple URL and two URLs, you may have problems with duplicate content due to m = 0 and m = 1 url parameter.

What happens is that when a blog post is submitted to google, many times it takes the three parameters to look like a different post, and indexes it.

But when he later completely scans Mater, he realizes that these three blog posts have three different parameters.


Find and fix duplicate content issue in Blog


If your blog is also on the blogger, or on wordpress, you can easily find information about your blog or find duplicate content.

All bloggers use the google webmaster tool to index all the blog posts on your blog, and if you wish, you can easily find the duplicate content of your blog.

For this you must first open the google webmaster tool of your blogger blogger.

Now you have to select a blog or website that wants to find duplicate content.

Now you can click on the search appearance.

After this you click on HTML Improvements in it, here you will see a list of your blog’s duplicate content. Along with this, you will also see a list of duplicate title, duplicate meta description etc.


How to fix duplicate content issue

First you go to the webmaster tool> crawl> URL parameter> and click on the edit link in front of where m parameter is located.

If you click on it there will be a new page open, you can change this page. Click on the down drop down and select No: Does not affect page content (ex: tracks usage) here.

Now save this setting by clicking on save button.
After this you will be in your robots.txt file
Disallow: /? M = 0
Disallow: /? M = 1

Add the above code.

Adding this code will not index the url in your blog’s m parameter.

If you have a duplicate meta description error in your blog, you can fix it in your blog’s template code

<b: if cond = ‘data: blog.pageType == & quot; archive & quot;’>
<meta content = ‘noindex, noarchive’ name = ‘robots’ />
</ b: if>

Add this code, and save the template.

In a few days, the error of duplicate content and duplicate meta description from your blog will certainly fixed.


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What Is Guest Posting | How To Do Guest Posting

What Is Guest Posting | How To Do Guest Posting : If you have a blog too, and have just published some 20 posts like that, about 20 posts, and want it to get do-follow back-links and traffic is also drive, then guest post is a great tool for you. Could.

Even if you are not a blogger, you can still access your information to the logo through the guest post. This is a way that you can easily reach the people interested in a particular area. Your book can reach people without spending a single penny.


What is Guest Post?

Guest post is an article written on a subject. Which is published on any other author’s blog or website related to that topic.


To write this, it is not necessary that you have your own blog. If you are not a blogger you can still write guest post.

It is important that whatever article you write gives full information about the topic, and no other article has been copied.


What is the benefit of writing Guest Post?

If you write a guest post on a blog then that blog works as a platform for you and you can get your information or talk with many people through that platform.

This is a free way to promote you and your blog. With this you can easily promote your own blog or your blog.

If you do not want to promote your blog in a paid way, you can promote your blog through the guest post.

If you want to make high quality do follow backlinks for your blog, then this is a very great and easy way.

If your blog is new and has a lot of traffic, then you can increase your blog’s traffic surprisingly by guest post. This makes your blog even more popular.

There is also an added advantage of guest posting that your writing skill is also improved. The mistake you make is to write your blog post. It also improves.

This makes you have a good relationship with an established blogger, so you can get suggestions to make your blogging career even better.


How to write guest post?

To write a guest post, you have to select the topic that is related to the topic of your blog.

It should always be kept in mind that whatever article article you are writing for post should be unique.

When you select the topic, then collect other information related to it. Do more research.

After selecting the topic and doing keyword research, you create a title for the guest post.

When these three works complete, start writing articles. When writing articles, keep in mind that the subject matter on which the article is given gives full information.

Never consider how long the article is. The article should cover the topic completely.

Let’s now know what blog or website you can submit guest post.


What Is Guest Posting | How To Do Guest Posting

Before submitting guest post, you can create a list of blogs that are related to your blog.

As if your blog is on technology, then you can create a list of at least 10 blogs associated with technology.

Now you go to the guest post option of all these blogs and read the rules of the guest posts of those blogs.

If you do not have a guest post option in the blog then you can contact the blog’s admin by contact us and you can send your article to that blog.

Before sending the guest post to the blog admin, read it thoroughly and see if the blog you are posting on is according to the rules of the guest’s post.

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What is the best exercise for diabetics, Diabetes Diet

What is the best exercise for diabetics, Diabetes Diet

Obesity can be harmful to everyone. But it is also necessary to avoid obesity for a diabetic patient, the biggest concern of the diabetic sufferers remains how to reduce weight. It is usually easier to reduce fatigue and exercise than obesity.

Everyone’s stature, weight, size, etc. are different, therefore, diabetics should change their diet according to their weight and obesity. Let’s know how to survive diabetes with obesity.


Best exercise for diabetics

  1. Diabetic patients are advised to reduce calorie intake to reduce obesity, but this does not mean that the amount of calories should be reduced immediately.
  2. In such a way, gradually reducing the intake of calories and nutrients is better.
  3. It is necessary for both diabetics to exercise and dietary changes.
  4. Diabetes sufferers must exercise and take doctor’s advice before exercise.
  5. For weight loss, you can also make your diet table with a dietician or doctor.
  6. It is important to walk at least 40-45 minutes for weight loss.
  7. Instead of eating a lot of food at one time, you should eat slowly and slightly.
  8. It is important to avoid good, sugar, honey, desserts, nuts etc.
  9. Surely eat an hour before eating and sleeping at night and take a walk after dinner.
  10. Include fibrous substances in the food. This increases the level of glucose in the blood gradually and the amount of blood glucose is controlled.


Avoid stress

The role of stress in diabetes is very important. Try to avoid stress. Try to resolve stress due to stress, yoga, meditation and morning walk in the morning helps to control stress.


symptoms of diabetes

Feeling excessive, excess urine, excessive appetite, infections in the genitalia, filling of wounds in any part of the body is the initial symptom. This disease is also genetic. There are two types of diabetes: type one and type two Type one children can also be. So far only insulin is available for treatment of type one. Although treatment of diabetes can be done not only by medicines, but also by exercising, following proper diet rules.

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