How to Pull Off Athleisure  Wear for Work

How to Pull Off Athleisure Wear for Work


Years ago, no one would have considered wearing athleisure attire to work. Workplaces were different and realistically, athleisure was different. Not only that, but the way people perceived athleisure was different than it is today.

Athletic clothing used to be reserved for the gym, the field or the basketball court. Over time, however, it has become recognized as a comfortable and stylish fashion trend that looks as good as it is practical for working out. Now, it is not unusual to wear athleisure wear for work.

It may sound like a stretch, but with the quality of athleisure wear available today, it should come as no surprise. Before you learn how to pull it off at work, there are some key things to remember about choosing Athleisure:

  • Look for light, breathable material
  • Range of motion matters
  • Choose durable materials, blends are the best
  • Think about how active you will be

Athleisure is the best of both worlds. Good Athleisure wear holds up in the gym and when you are out and about. Let’s get into some tips for how to pull off athleisure wear for work.


Dress for the Occasion

Every workplace is different. What is appropriate in your office may not be appropriate in your neighbor’s office. Whether it is business casual or just plain casual, be sure to stay within the dress code. Let’s say your workplace leans more toward business casual.

If that is the case, think about wearing khakis with a quarter-zip pullover. Sure, khakis are not athleisure, but the quarter-zip keeps things casual. That way, if it is more “business” casual, it is the best of both worlds. Even a polo with higher end sweatpants works well.

In a lax workplace environment, you may want to go full athleisure and wear joggers and a crew neck tee. If it is appropriate, of course. 


Choose Complimentary Clothing

Whether you are mixing it up or wearing athleisure head to toe, choose colors that compliment each other. Consider wearing a dark top and bottom with a light or colorful undershirt. 

Try to keep things mostly mellow unless your style is bolder. Wearing too much colorful and loud clothing can be distracting sometimes. If you are layering up, choose your layers carefully. The thin layers always go on the inside.


Be Practical

Are you going to be comfortable all day? You probably will be in athleisure. Either way, you should try to choose an athleisure outfit that will get you through a full workday comfortably. One of the main appeals of athleisure is that it is so comfortable, after all.

If you have to sacrifice professionalism for comfortability, however, that is going overboard. Make sure that it is comfortable while looking professional and fitting appropriately in your workplace. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.


It is Easy When the Athleisure Wear is High Quality

At the end of the day, most high-quality athleisure wear is appropriate for many modern workplaces. It can make you look good, feel good, get through the day comfortably and extend your fitness status. Before you throw together your outfit, remember to:

  • Make sure it is appropriate for your work environment
  • Choose something low key and classy
  • Carefully layer up

More than anything, make sure it reflects your own style. You can really say a lot about yourself and your style with the way you dress. Whether it be athleisure or a tailored suit, what you wear is an extension of yourself. Today, that means you can go to work rocking dazzling athleisure wear.


Sumit Gulia

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