Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

CBD Oil has been one of the widely talked about natural remedies around society. This is due to
its rumored benefits and effects on one’s health. Due to this, a lot of questions have been
popping up, asking about its legitimacy, and if it is the real deal.
There has been a lot of articles that talk about the what, how, and whys of CBDs and some of
them are speaking the truth and others, well, not so.

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What is CBD?
First off, what is CBD? Even though its popularity is not to be questioned, it is clear that some
people have the basic knowledge about CBD. Some might only know CBD as an extract from
Cannabis. However, it has more to it than that.
CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Oil) is one of the many compounds that can be extracted from the
Cannabis Sativa plant. It is an ingredient used in some products such as oils, lotion, and even
edibles, such as brownies.
CBD is not the same as the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which gives you the feeling of getting
“high” since CBD is not psychoactive. It is one of the reasons why people are leaning on CBD-
based products because of its effectiveness and its safety that is offered.
CBD, however, is not yet fully legalized as a prescription drug due to its possible misuse and
abuse. Although, some countries offer CBD as a healthy natural remedy to some illnesses but
with the proper dosage and prescription, and with the right guidance of an expert.
What are the health benefits of CBD?
There are a lot of health benefits that CBD might give. The things listed below are just some of
the many possible illnesses that can be treated with CBD.
1. Can relieve pain
In most cases, people who are suffering from different chronic pains are taking certain
medications that offer temporary relief. However, unlike these kinds of synthetic

medications, CBD has been proven to offer a natural remedy which provides no side
Studies show great results that CBD can help in reducing chronic pain by affecting the
endocannabinoid activity, which would result in reduced inflammation.
2. Reduce anxiety and depression
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), among the whole population, 20%
of it has been suffering anxiety and depression.
CBD has proven to its effectiveness and shown promise as a treatment for both anxiety
and depression.
3. Prevent/Reduce acne
Based on recent clinical results, CBD can substantially help treat different skin problems,
such as acne, due to its anti-inflammatory features and its ability to reduce the
production of sebum.
Are there side effects in using CBD?
Everything comes with a price. Although CBD might offer a really good list of health benefits, it
does come with a side effect when not used properly. Nothing comes good when abused. The
common side effect that occurs when using CBD Oils are,
1. Diarrhea
2. Change in appetite and weight
3. Fatigue
CBD Oil has also been known to interact with different medications. That is why it is highly
advised to take a professional opinion from doctors before using CBD just to ensure your safety
and avoid further complications.
Every body system is unique and interacts differently from different medications, so we don’t
know how CBD affects one’s body.
So the bottom line, it can be agreed on that CBD might have the potential to be the leading
remedy for most illnesses but still needs more proof to be declared so.
CBD Oil is still in its younger years in research so we might be expecting more promising results
in the future. Though there is still much to learn about CBD, if we based it in recent research
results, it can be said that CBD Oil is a great remedy that can provide a safe, powerful, and
effective natural treatment for a lot of health issues.

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