How to Set Traps For Spider, Cockroach, Insect

How to Set Traps For Spider, Cockroach, Insect


Insect: you either love them and hate them. At your home, you need many times to set traps to catch and kill some  Insect. Outside, you may want to catch Insect to keep and study. Sticky traps are the main way of setting traps for Insect in your home. They are easy to set up &  you can even make your own. If you are more interested in trapping live Insect outside, then you should look into creating pitfall traps, that’s  catch Insect by having them fall into a small pit.

Some Working Way :

1st Way  :- Using Sticky Traps

Sticky Traps

  • Create your own sticky trap to be frugal
  • Buy sticky traps for convenience
  • Place them near water
  • Stick them in other hiding places
  • Place the traps along baseboards
  • Try pesticide to kill the spider later
  • Check and dispose of your traps


2nd Way:- Catching Spiders with Outdoor Traps

Outdoor Traps

  • Set a dry pitfall trap
  • Add a cover
  • Try a wet pitfall trap
  • Place the trap in areas where you know spiders roam
  • Return to the traps
  • Transfer the spider
How to Set Traps For  Cockroach

How to Set Traps For Spider

How to Set Traps For  Insect
Sumit Gulia

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