Top 10 Advantages of Playing Sports for Health

Top 10 Advantages of Playing Sports for Health

With the assault of technology in our day to day lives, where all what we need is seemingly just a click away and the possibility of physical effort and activity is negligible; we are all being overwhelmed in a very inactive lifestyle, which is, needless to say, very corrupt.  To top it all, in this era of rivalry where degrees, marks, cut-offs, qualifications have become inviolable, very little heed is paid to physical fitness and sports. Well, disregarding one’s health and ordering work or studies over it may confidently give you a short term gratification, but will definitely cause woe to you in the long run. A way to seepage this sad fate is making sports essential part of your life. Around the world, sport has been the most putative way to keep you healthy. As the expressions “ All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” and “healthy mind in a fit body” still hold true, next are the top ten reasons why you should clutch a row, go out and  play or set the ball progressing (literally) and keep yourself fit by being involved in sports :

10) Recreation for both participants and non- participants

9) Maintaining lower body weight

8) Keeping heart diseases at bay

7)  Provides suppleness to the body

6)  Stamina

5) Strength

4) Need for speed

3) Converts Adrenaline into energy

2) Promotes self confidence

1) The feeling of being alive!

The part of the brain which panels the muscular activity and co-ordination is in the close locality of the part which deals with feeling and thoughtful. Unquestionably, these parts have the power to effect each other through neuro-transmissions. The more we are active and complicated in playing sports, the more animated we feel. The feeling of counting that important goal, hitting that match winning border or making that vital basket or even experiencing overthrow gives us a sense of being alive. Sports can also act as an allegory to life itself. We have a goal, plan to win, use our skills in the best likely manner we can, learn from our overthrows and mistakes, make alterations in our plans and achieve our goal. Sports deliver almost the same learning knowledge as life does. No wonder, those armed with the spirit of sportsmanship and skills of sports are able to live a full life. Thus, sports can be really helpful for our overall health and development.

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