Top 10 Age Defying Love Stories

Top 10 Age Defying Love Stories

As we grow up, compatibility becomes the most important thing for any relationship. We look for a person who is caring as well as   understas well as  ing. Usually most of us tend to find that person from the similar age group as ours by means of hardly a difference of 2-3 years but sometimes in life, you may find that compatibility by means  of  the most unusual partners. What happens if your partner is 10 or more years older or younger than you? Age differences also have its reward just as age does. The younger person gets to live by means  of  a person who is more experienced as well as   established in the world. They may have more money or maybe more interesting as well as   social life. At the same time, the older person gets a companion who is high in energy, modern who would ultimately help the couple stay fit. As well as   as well know, love is blind as well as   we love whom we love. So, here are ten such age-defying love stories:

10. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (12 years)

9. Jay-Z & Beyonce (12 years)

8. Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness (13 years)

7. Annette Bening & Warren Beatt (21 years)

The daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill, Oona dated two men before settling down by means  of  Chaplin. Who knew that the professional relationship between O’Neill as well as   Chaplin would turn into romantic one day? At the age of seventeen,in 1942, O’Neill be  introduced to Chaplin for the lead actress of the play Shadow as well as   Substance, by Wallace. In 1943, the two eloped as well as   married in Carpinteria. Due to the young age of O’Neill as well as   the huge age gap of 36 years between the two, the wedding received a lot of media attention. After marriage, O’Neill settled as a housewife as well as   gave up all her career plans. Even though it be  Chaplin’s fourth marriage, they remained together for 34 years, until his death in 1977 by means  of  eight children.

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