Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners of all time

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Winners of all time

Miss Universe pageant is the final and the most important loveliness contest in the world. The first Miss Universe procession was held in Long Beach, California in the year 1952. In the year 2011, this admired annual international beauty contest famous its 60th anniversary. There has been sixty-one gorgeous Miss Universe victors till date, and it’s a real tough call to select the most lovely from them for the top ten cut. However, we have tried as abundant as we could to select the most amazing ten women on the basis of their presentation, popularity, personality and composure and then have hierarchical them from one to ten. If you think that the ruling Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is a real knockout then you have to go through our list of the “Most Beautiful Miss Cosmos Winners Till Date” and then you can choose who is more hypnotic.

10. Shawn Weatherly

9. Irene Sáez

8. Alicia Machado

7. Sylvia Hitchcock

6. Nathalie Glebova

5. Mona Grudt

4. Dayana Mendoza

3. Oxana Fedorova

2. Angela Visser

1. Jennifer Hawkins

Miss Australia Jennifer Hawkins reacts after being named Miss Universe 2004 during the annual contest in Quito, June 1, 2004. REUTERS/Guillermo Granja

The Australian beauty queen and Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins is the erotic, newest and most beautiful Miss Universe till date. She is heavenly, sensuous, amazing, and it would be not be wrong if I say she might be an personification of the Greek goddess “Aphrodite.” Since the very beginning this all-pervading blue eyed fair-haired was seen as the one to weary. When she was covered she broke many traditional patterns, charmed the world and began a new era for Miss Universe pageant. She has a perfect body and an extremely pretty face which graced the cover of many global beauty magazines. There has been many beautiful Miss Cosmos and will be many in the future, but Jen is here to stay for a significantly long time. She is and will be the reigning queen in the history of Miss Universe parade.

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