Top 10 Best Biographical movie Theater of every Time

Top 10 Best Biographical movie Theater of every Time

Out of all  the movie genre biographical be the one of the best movie theater made by any industry. Biographical film or biopic  are those movies based on the life of past/ at hand eminent, celebrated or infamous people, which have done incredible notable in their lifetime. These movie theater are usually based on war, thrash about, and hard work or inspirational. These movies tell us about the dilemma that the human being has face during his/her life. in fact people love to watch these movies because it teaches them the real life experience and shows them the struggle of the people also they get answer that “why did he/she choose such life”. Here are a number of of the best biographical movies. This was the excellent movie acted by wills smith and directed by Gabriele Muccino. This movie was biographic and staged based on the life of Chris Gardner’s. Wills smith acted as Chris Gardner and his son Jaden Smith acted as the son of Chris Gardner. This movie showed how Gardner’s struggled with homelessness furthermore job and at the end he wins over his life. This movie is a historic dramatic film released in 1995; it was aimed at by Mel Gibson and stared by the director itself. This movie was based on the life of Scottish fighter William Wallace who led from the front in the first war for Scottish independence. This movie was winning in winning the hearts of many people and as it won 5 school awards.

Top 10 Best Biographical movie Theater of every Time are:

10. The Pursuit of happiness

9. The Braveheart

8. Bhaag milkha bhaag

7. Gandhi

6. The raging bull

5. The Intouchables

4. Lawrence of Arabia

3. Amadeus

2. Goodfellas

1. Schindler’s lists



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