Top 10 Best Magicians Ever Born on Earth

Top 10 Best Magicians Ever Born on Earth

We are attracted to the word “magic” right from our early days. We feel so keen when it is going to be perform. But many few of us get paying notice to magic in deep sense, as well as the one who go deeper as fine as deeper to gain the in series of it they be the most admired as well as delightful magicians of the world. You must have known many famed magicians who are great in their work but nowadays I am going to list out the names of some world famous magicians ever born on earth! So get prepared to know top ten of them as well as go on a supernatural as well as unbelievable ride which the people study them enjoyed.


10. Jonathan & Charlotte Pendragon

9. Dante ( From 1883- 1995)

8. Harry Blackstone Sr. ( From 1885- 1965)

7. Cyril Takayama ( From 1973 till present)

6. Penn and Teller (Penn: From 1955 & Teller: From 1948)

5. David Blaine ( From 1973 till present)

4. ‘Magic Babe’ Ning ( From 1982 till present)

3. Criss Angel ( From 1967- present)

2. David Copperfield  (From 1956- present)

1. Harry Houdini (From 1874 – 1926)

Harry. Houdini, a magician also well-known as “flee artist” was born on 24th demo, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary. He has been very famous as well as the current day magicians are all known following his name like “modern day Houdini”. His real name was “Erich Weiss”. His one of the most famed magic’s built-in evasion from lockup’s as well as the most famed act of “Chinese water cell”.  He used to confront the cop’s to put him in shackles as well as lockup in jails this built-in local police as well as he would be escapee by his magic. These show of him soon became vast feeling as well as he became highest paid in America. Also his magic’s incorporated escaping from Water filled tanks as well as sealed milk cans. in the meantime he was also known as the “Handcuff King”. He would free himself from handcuffs, straitjackets, ropes, jails etc. even though, he empty that he didn’t have any paranormal powers but some simple techniques to be go after, some of them are bare in his book called, “The Handcuffs secret” 1909. Some of his most notable stunts included, “Mirror confront”, “overboard box escape” & “Buried alive” stunt.



Top 10 Best Magicians Ever Born on Earth

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