Top 10 Common English Mistakes that People Make

Top 10 Common English Mistakes that People Make

English is a hard language to study. The require of clear rules for grammar and spell leave even the best of us confused. Because seriously, WHY is there a ‘g’ in daughter? though, I sometimes show Grammar Nazi-like tendencies. Bad grammar and wrong English annoy me a little. A lot. So I have compile this list of top ten mistake that a lot of populace make, mistakes that are in particular annoying to me and to a lot of other sentence structure snobs. Take a look.

10- “I prefer tea from coffee”

“I prefer tea from coffee”

9- Brought and Bought

Brought and Bought

8- “We speak like this only”

“We speak like this only”

7- Literally


6- “I didn’t had any idea”

“I didn’t had any idea”

5- Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense

4- To, Too and Two

To Too and Two

3- Loose and Lose

Loose and Lose

2- There, They’re and Their

There They’re and Their

1- You’re and Your

You’re and Your

one of the most ordinary mistakes that people make in written English. A bulk of the inhabitants seems sadly ignorant of the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. It’s beautiful simple really. The word ‘you’re’ is used as a expedient abbreviation of ‘you are.’ ‘Your’, on the other hand, means ‘belong to the person the orator is addressing’. It reflects ownership. One way of examination if the word you are using is right is to make bigger ‘you’re’ into ‘you are.’ If the ruling makes sense, you are using it correctly. If not, then you most likely need to restore it with ‘you’. The dissimilarity should become clearer with this example-

‘I am using your comb’ and ‘I am using you’re comb’. clearly the first one is correct since the second sentence factually means ‘I am using you are a comb’, which makes no sense whatever. Similarly, in ‘You’re look good’ and ‘Your looking good’, the first sentence is right.

Top 10 Common English Mistakes that People Make

Top 10 Common English Mistakes that People Make


Sumit Gulia

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