Top 10 Common Eye Problems

Top 10 Common Eye Problems

Eyes are the greatest beautiful organ given to us. There are many problems connected to eyes and they are very shared these days. There might not be a single being on this earth who hasn’t faced these glitches once in his lifetime. Most of these glitches have treatments available while there are few problems whose action is still to be exposed. Most of us ignore the eye problems and delay for them to be preserved themselves. But even small eye problems can cause enduring blindness so it is optional to see a doctor as soon as you meeting any kind of the eye disorder. Some of the very common eye glitches are listed down underneath.

10. Light Sensitivity

9. Blepharitis

8. Cataracts

7. Eye Allergies

6. Dry Eye

5. Floaters

4. Pink Eye

3. Stye

2. Twitching

Jerking in eyes is a fairly shared problem. Twitching of eye is an instinctive drive in the lids of the eye. There are many reasons for the jerking of the eyes like strain in eye, aversions, ingesting of caffeine, nutritious imbalance and even due to dry eyes problematic. It can be referred to as irregular disorder. Though the problematic doesn’t last very long but in plain case it can even last up to a month. They vanish even without action. Eye twitches can be preserved by use of botox inoculation.

1. Vision Problems

Vision problem is a comprehensive category of eye problems which comprise most of the common problems faced by people these days. Some of the vision problems are bigotry, blurred visions and coronae. They can be caused due to some of the already stated problems above or due to other difficulties like presbyopia, brain tumor and glaucoma. There are many different actions according to the cause of dream problem. You can experience either provisional or permanent blindness or blurry vision. They can be corrected by using associates, glasses and there are many medical treatments likely these days.

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