Top 10 Common Reasons for Depressions

Top 10 Common Reasons for Depressions

Depression these days is a very ordinary phenomenon, it is found not only in adults but in children as well.  unfilled wishes, broken heart, needs, failed expectations, etc; these are the things which give rise to despair. This sadness however takes the person towards their ruin, they lose their original form. When a person is pain from depression, he would act in a way he has never ended before, he or she would say things which he or she has never said previous to. This despair has such a physically powerful impact on the mind that it can turn a happy go merry hopeful man into a pessimist.

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People say that skill has made the human lives much more at ease, easy and safe than before, it is due to the technology that we are able to total a task in few minutes which earlier necessary days to complete. As we have made advancement, at the same times the evils in our lives have augmented. These evils are the ones which we have bent ourselves; these evils drag us towards sadness too. The authority of depression is so strong that the person no longer wants to live his life; hatred, disturbance, anger, sleepless nights are the most general symptoms.

10. Medications:

9. Chicken:

8. Sleeping habits:

7. Facebook:

6. Death of someone close:

5. Unfilled expectations:

4. Broken relationships:

3. Illness:

2. Lack of good looks or beauty:

1. Not doing what you love:

Somebody once said that if you do amazing you in fact love then you wouldn’t have to work for a instant in your life. Today the pressure of becoming winning has reached its climax that a person who wanted to be an actor is study medical, someone who needs to be a writer is in fact studying engineering and a law students is the Master of Arts. But they do not do what they love; in its place they are doing amazing completely different. As a result, they do develop into engineer, doctor or lawyer but they do not love their job, they loathe it. Also they would never to able to totally accept their line of work. This also leads to despair.


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