Top 10 Cool Summer Hairstyles for Men

Top 10 Cool Summer Hairstyles for Men

A very accepted myth is being broken. The myth is that men don’t care about their look, about the styles they take. With more men flattering conscious about their looks and hairstyles, this very popular belief is out of order. Now days men also want to stay trendy. Women are identified to spend hours on their style, so men are also touching ahead and have started getting aware about themselves. They are continually looking for changes and want the change to meet some respects for them. We all know that hair form an essential element of styling. Along with dressing, hairstyles play a major role on the impression of a human being. Men have also started realizing this fact, and hence different hairstyles are being evolved. According to the climate, they also wish to change the hairstyles.  In summer, typically less volume on top of head is preferential. In fact for some the less the hair, the better it is. Some times this is not possible. Hence in this article I have take note down 10 hairstyles which will give you breathing space from the summer and also keep you up-to-the-minute. Read this and decide which hairstyle would be perfect for you this summer. So here are the top 10 hairstyle for this summer.

10. Rocker hairstyle

9. Retro short hairstyle

8. Old Hairstyle

7. Messy Top Cut

6. Short Sides with a curly top

5. Peak Side Crop Cut

4. Wavy Top heavy Cut

3. Quiff Hairstyle

2.  The short crop

1. Slick Side Cut Hairstyle

If you wish for a second look from the throng when you step inside a room, then slick haircut can get you that. It’s an all time preferred and classic looking hairstyle. It’s a retro enthused look which will immediately give you a celebrity look. I have observed this hairstyle been posed by many models in the runway so slick hairstyle is definitely talk of the municipality. It will give you a very grown-up look and thus you can easily carry off this hairstyle at formal occasion. To get this look don’t dry your hair much after clean. Because it can create quantity and it will be harder to describe your parting. Use a little gel or oil what you are comfortable with, and apply while comb-out it through all of your hair. If you are title for a casual function they give a little bump or boost in front to get a dissimilar look. The biggest lead of this hairstyle is in summer weather. The hairstyle is entirely set and you might even not recall that you have hair, it is so glowing combed!!

Sumit Gulia

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