Top 10 Deadliest Plants in the World

Top 10 Deadliest Plants in the World

Our world is full of foliage. From huge mountain trees to tiny shrubs the variety obtainable in the plant kingdom is just countless. These plants as we all know are very significant for our survival as they are the only oxygen creators on the planet. They not only deliver us with oxygen but also keep the air cool and help in receiving rain. Another very important thing that we get from plants is medicine. Numerous drugs have been removed from various plants all over the world which are used positively to treat different type of illnesses. When on one hand they are so energetic for our nourishment; on the other hand some of the plants are quite deadly to us. A particular part of the plant like its kernels, flowers, fruits etc or at times the whole plant can be poisonous. These deadly chemicals when swallowed have numerous side effects in humans and can also chief to death in just a few hours. There are plants so lethal that their mere trail can give you annoyances. Every year many people die due to unintentional consumption of plant toxins. If this was not enough there are plants that eat bugs and rodents. Yes the plant kingdom even has numerous flesh-eating species. Although they pose no danger to human beings they sure are deadly for other life forms. The list of deadly florae is quite long but following are the few strong ones. Some of these grow easily in house gardens so be cautious when you see any one of these the next time.

10. White snake-root

9. Doll’s eyes

8. Venus flytrap

7. Common bladder-wort

6. Angel trumpet

5. Pitcher plant

4. Oleander

3. Western water hemlock

2. Suicide tree

1. Castor plant

A plant that is most toxic and yet very widely cultivated as an decoration plant. Castor plant on the whole is very toxic the protuberant part being its seeds. Castor contains ricin which is highly toxic. This ricin is also found in natural castor oil but then is cleansed to make oil fit for ingesting. The symptoms of poisoning comprise bloody diarrhea and vomiting, low blood pressure, stomach pain, tremors. The severe thirst along with hypotension principals to death. Death may occur if raw. In 2007 the Guinness world records tagged it as the most toxic plant in the world.

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