Top 10 Drinking Games for Having fun Together

Top 10 Drinking Games for Having fun Together

Tired of the same old eating games? Or of having  zero to play at a party? Scared of creature the congregation of a boring party? This is your rest. Here is a list of fun drinking game to play at a social crowd. several of which you’ve played and a quantity of of which you’ve never yet heard of. But there’s one thing I assurance, you’ll have the best time playing these sports competition. This is a game I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with but lets play it with a twist this time. The dramatis personae will take turns in asking a question. When the answer is asked, will give their rejoin and then the minority answers group takes a shot.. The rules of this are very simple and I am pretty sure your are familiar with it. The players take turns in asking a question in the of “Never Have I Ever”, for ex: Never Have I Ever Peed in a Pool as well as then those who can react yes take a sip of their drink.


Top 10 Drinking Games for Having fun Together are:

10. Never Have I Ever

9. Would you Rather

8. Beer Pong

7. King’s Cup

6. Power Hour

5. Quarters

4. Flip, Sip or Strip

3. Attached at the hips!

2. Truth or shots

1. Straight Face




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