Top 10 Dumbest Tech Acquisitions Ever

Top 10 Dumbest Tech Acquisitions Ever

Mergers and attainments are always risky, and some end up disbursing off better than others. Some of them have made incomes and some of them have lost their money. Some choices will be so complex that they will be forced to obtain the company without knowing the penalties and end up like a dumb business for having made attainments. Here are few Dumb Tech Achievements which you will find strange.

10.HP and Palm

9.Sprint and Nextel

8.CISCO and Pure Digital

7.News Corp. and My Space

6.Microsoft and aQuantive

5.Yahoo and Geocities

4.Lucent and Alcatel

3.Microsoft and Danger

2.ebay and Skype

In the year 2005, the very general then ebay bought Skype skills for a significantly large amount of $2.6 billion hoping that connected buyers would favor voice calls and video calls to online sales, thereby cumulative the infrastructures and place a feather in the cap of the business. But it turned out to be wrong maybe even call it a tragedy. Customers of ebay never liked the new illogical method of the ebay for online sale. So they twisted down the idea of using online speech and video calls. Instead of increasing the companies confidence ant the name, the company had just done the conflicting. For many years ebay strained its level best to publicity their idea but as the finish goes inferior they were involuntary to sell Skype skills to private investors for a loss of about $2 billion. Skype was later learnt by Microsoft in 2011 for a shouting price of $8.5 billion. ebay lived the disaster.

1.AOL and Time Warner

In 2003, AOL acquisition Time Warner for a whooping price of $164 Billion in the hopes to syndicate print and transmission media with the internet to form a very influential source of media. As soon as the deal was made the cheap started coming down. This union has got to be the nastiest of all time, it powerless both businesses for years, and destroyed billions in stockholder value.  After a long sore of 10 years they proclaimed their split which had already by the time had demolished their valued assets.

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