Top 10 Most Emotional Bollywood Cinema of All Times

Top 10 Most Emotional Bollywood Cinema of All Times

India has been veritably robust in terms of producing cinema and affecting, dramatic movies, upon that. Bollywood has brought out a huge number of hindi drama cinema, all so emotional that you certainly won’t be able to hold back your tears for long after observation them. The commanding story, eventual acting of the actors, quality script and amazingly written and well vocal songs make the touching bollywood movies a hit.

The history of bollywood itself narrate the success of our stirring movies, that they have conventional uncountable awards in every aspect. Till date, emotional bollywood cinema have shown almost everything- a mother’s unbearable pain in bringing up her kids, lost brothers’ grief, ditched lovers’ disaster and deaths of loved ones- all these be capable of effectively create an intolerable level of over-romanticizing in your minds. One of the bigger reasons after this is that the emotional bollywood movies are made so veridical that their stories and screenplay or songs may often concur with the sad instances of your own life and that would doubtlessly drive you through emotions.

There is a big number of bollywood movies that are too emotional, enough to make one tearful and depressing. Here is a list that will be reminiscent you of 10 of the most emotional and hit ones in the middle of those.

Top 10 Most Emotional Bollywood Cinema of All Times are:

10. MASOOM(1983)

9. ANAND (1971)

8. SADMA (1983)

7. SHOR (1972)

6. DIL SE (1998)

 5. TERE NAAM (2003)

4. KAL HO NA HO (2003)

3. BAGHBAN (2003)


1.VEER ZARA (2004)



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