TOP 10 Extinct Birds List

TOP 10 Extinct Birds List

The term death is no more just a myth; it is a realism for those very many species that have confronted this awful event. These are the beings that would never walk the earth and will no longer be seen flying or roving about in its natural habitat. The class, which have become inexistent, will always be recalled through the pictures taken or the draughts shown by the people who are interested in working on their lives. Human race has been the reason for the death of many such species. Their illogical behavior, their over-use of applications and many more such careless boldness towards the nature have taken a violent turn. But one cannot put the blame on the human race totally, because there were natural elements as well, that have been the reason for beating the lives of such extinct class. Here are the lists of 10 such species of birds that have become inexistent through time, for various reasons










1.    DODO

A nonflying bird weighing around 20kgs and about 3.3 feet tall occupied the islands of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. A Dutch deckhand can be said to be the reason behindhand the extinction of this species of bird. He came crossways this bird in the year 1598 and being starving, he started to kill these birds and eat them as his mealtime. To a large degree, this bird has been alarmed down by the Dutch sailor, leaving barely any signs of the bird, to be discovered and noted down. Due to the lack of the particulars found about the bird, it has been highly spoke as a mythical being, until the fossils were found on the island of Mauritius.

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