Top 10 Facts In Relation To Lord Krishna Life

Top 10  Facts  In Relation To Lord Krishna Life

The Halo of archangel replaced by the awe-inducing peacock feather and the musical flute in place of swords and shields, fighter stance replaced by one foot on soil and other bent somewhat. This is perhaps the nearly everyone loved Gods of Hinduism. Lord Krishna is not in a minute looked upon as a protector, he is a savior, friend, truth-seeker, boxer, romantic and the whole thing you want from the One and lot more than you can ever dream of. Few of the Life facts of Lord Krishna are listed as follows.After the great war, Gandhari anathematized Lord Krishna that his kingdom will expire by flood with his people killing them. Gandhari was ardent devotee of noble Vishnu ( and Krishna as he is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu ) and hence the curse was preordained, part of bigger picture. following 36 years of war, the wheels of time turned and true to the curse chain of proceedings led to Yadavs killing themselves. This was again put into leave by lord himself, for he prayed for a son like Lord Shiva, God of devastation. His son started the chain of events which in due course cracked Dwarka. Seeing the destruction Lord Krishna went away with his brother and the river consumed Dwarka, as per the blight. Balaram vexed from the tragedy sat in mediation and was taken away by Adisesha( Balaram was incarnation of Adisesha ) This lead Lord Krishna to move towards his finish as person form. Krishna was killed by a simple hunter’s arrow.

Top 10  Facts  In Relation To Lord Krishna Life are:

10. Death

9. Mahabharata

8.Wives and Gopikas

7. Kans Mama

6. Childhood victories

5. Spells of Innocence and Mysticism

4. Love struck Ladies

3. The way we see Krishna

2. Friendship

1. Companion

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