Top 10 Female Serial Killers List

Top 10 Female Serial Killers List

Many people authentically believe that women cannot commit crime which are as aggressive and heinous as some dedicated by their male counterparts, since of all that females are usual nurturers bullshit hypothesis. Women are capable of life form violent, vicious and unkind. There were several female Nazi officer involved in torturing prisoner, according to past sources they were bone-chillingly unkind. History counts several women in the middle of the most vicious serial killers of all occasion. Unlike ordinary killers (who frequently commit crimes of fervour), mass murderers, spree killer and war criminals, sequential killers are inflicted by a number of kind of mental urge to kill. Robert Ressler coin the term “serial killer” wherever in the mid-70s(though he believe female serial killers are mainly spree killers, with the exemption of Aileen Wournos). According to a new study 80% of 400 serial killer became lively in the US since 1950s. Serial killers frequently have 3 or more wounded, they may think they are on a number of mission to purge the social order, some kill for the uncontaminated pleasure of murder(sometimes sexual pleasure), whereas some may kill to gain a little.

10. Velma Barfield

9. Anna Maria Zwanziger

8. Georgia Tann

7. Dagmar Overbye

6. Aileen Wuornos

5. Miyuki Ishikawa

4. Vera Renczi

3. Juana Barraza

2. Enriqueta Marti

1. Elizabeth Báthory


Elizabeth Báthory was natural in 1560 and was a countess from the dignified Báthory relatives. She killed about 650 girls according to a number of sources. Historical examination has exposed that the family she hail from condoned extreme aggression, as a child she it seems that witnessed a thief life form punished by attainment sewn into a sick horse’s abdomen. After a few girls from other dignified houses went absent a raid of her fortress revealed several lady dead bodies and prisoner who were about to be kill off; she would poke unprovoked into the mouth and fingernails of the girls, put them out in the snowstorm naked and pour irrigate on them so so as to they would freeze to death in addition to she once strike a girl to death with a association for theft a pear.

Sumit Gulia

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