Top 10 Feminist Movements around the World

Top 10 Feminist Movements around the World

While there is still a considerable amount of discrimination against girls with boys existence given more favorite in every part of the world. However, women today still have it calmer than the women of the pasts. The only reason why we are learning and going out in the world is since our families worked hard for it, took the thrashing for it and made sure that no other cohort should go through what they went finished. We bring you a list of ten of the many actions that brought about the change we live in now.

10. Women in pubs

9. Slutwalk

8. Reclaim the night

7. Right to drive in Saudi Arabia

6. Suffragettes movement

5. Birth Control Movement

4. Miss America Movement

3. Legalizing abortion

2. The 16th December Case

The night of 16th December was one of the dimmest in the history of not just India but of womanhood too. When a 23-year-old was gang-raped and terrified on the streets and who yielded to her injuries a few days later, the state woke up and complained against the injustice. Finally, the government had to give in a death for the rapist law was approved. Now whether or not this will be applied efficiently is up to the government but the drive did manage to bring about a sure change.

1. Black feminism

In the days of ethnic discrimination in the West, even Radicalism wasn’t too far from it. While white women went all out in uproar about feminism, they forgot all about their black complements. So the war for the black radicals was not just against the patriarchy but against the ethnic system too. Firstly, they had to “prove to other black women that radicalism was not only for white women.” Second, they also had to request that white women “share power with them and confirm diversity” and finally, “fight the misogynist propensities of Black Nationalism”. It is certainly kind of sad that in a drive for justice, injustice was being meted out. The Black Radicals, however, did achieve to secure all the rights that whites tenable for themselves and even rose above the racial taste to some extent.

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