Top 10 Foods that Cause Headache

Top 10 Foods that Cause Headache

Been to a party? Just back as of a restaurant? On the field in a baseball competition just after the drinks break? Head is painful badly! Why is it? What have you inspired? The food was ‘super-tasty’. There could encompass been no wrong. But, why this annoyance? Yes, it is all because of the food you contain taken. Yes, it is tasty but it has surface effects as well. Here, we talk about the foods that reason headaches. We focus on the foods’ work of art and try to explain the cause for the annoyance. We also suggest a few remedies follow which will help you escape a headache without compromise on taste. Listed are the Top 10 foods that grounds headache.

10.  Refined Sugars

9. Nuts and Seeds (Peanut and Pumpkin Seeds)

8. Fermented Soy Products (Soya Sauce)

7. Certain Vegetables (Olives)

  6. Aged/Dried/Smoked Meats (Pepperoni)

5. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – Chinese food

4. Aged Cheeses

3. Artificial Sweeteners

2. Caffeinated drinks –Energy Drinks

1. Alcohol (Red Wine)

Red wine is made from murky grape varieties and is intense Violet in shade. Red wine production process involves essence from grape skin. It also involves the grape overwhelming and destemming. Fermentation furthermore aging are also a part of its production. crimson wines are always a part of any ‘rich party’ along with compliment the hearty meals. still a non-alcoholic would be tempted to taste it since of its rich attractive colour, the ‘pride and esteem’ it bring along. It tastes high-quality as well. But, small use of red wine gives us acute headache follow by an intense one. The long occasion side effects are obesity, heart disease and stroke. Red wine can be ‘once inside a blue moon’ but not a ‘daily story’. The ‘graceful’ headache it give makes it pinnacle our list of ‘Top 10 Foods that cause Headache’.

Sumit Gulia

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