Top 10 General Causes of Illiteracy

Top 10 General Causes of Illiteracy

An illiterate person is an important person who would not be clever to read this article, no substance what language it was written in. Illiteracy is uncontrolled in underdeveloped countries throughout the world and its increase, if it occurs, poses a major threat to development and quiet of any land. But why does this condition exist? Why haven’t we been able to educate as a result many of our citizens? The causes are a lot of, and often they occupy issues more pertinent than illiteracy itself. A section of our society has been unable to shift with the time, owing to generations of being ensconced by religious dogma or mainstream family practices. They reject modern education as a threat to their viewpoint and way of life. Consequently, the children of such households are also deprived of the opportunity to study in modern schools and free their minds of meaningless conventions and conservative ideologies. The most inopportune are those whose physical or mental conditions do not allow them to educate themselves easily. Disabled children find it really not easy to read, write, absorb and remember in turn. For example, a dyslexic child will find it hard to remember the calligraphy of the alphabet and to interpret words when they are formed with those same letters. (Dyslexia is a reading disorder in which persons, despite having normal intelligence face evils with interpretation and understanding.) Physical disabilities also inhibit literacy.

Top 10 General Causes of Illiteracy are:

10. Attitude Towards Learning

9. Geographical Factors

8. Backward Thinking

7. Individual Disabilities

6. Emigration of Educated Individuals

5. Gender Bias

4. Social Evils

3. Inadequate Facilities

2. Population Explosion

1. Poverty



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