Top 10 Greatest Trains in the World

Top 10 Greatest Trains in the World

As the knowledge is advancing and the manufacturing techniques have crossed challenges, there is nix doubt that we have trains which will help you travel a journey of 30 km in 5 minutes. The require for crowded and inhabited world is to get bigger fast, secure and contented trains which can carry more passengers at a time. Currently it is Asians and the Europeans who are enjoying the ride of the greatest trains in the world. Here we have made a list of the top 10 fastest trains inside the world. Alstom Euroduplex belongs to the third generation of the TGV duplex. It has an operational speed of 320 km/ h. They are twofold Decker elevated pace trains running on the European networks. The train came into operation in December in the year 2011.

Top 10 Greatest Trains in the World are:

10. THSR 700 T

 9. ETR 500 Frecciarossa Trains8. TGV Duplex

8. TGV Duplex

7. Alstom Euroduplex

6. E5 Series Shinkansen Hayabusa

5. Talgo 350 (T350)

4. Siemens Velaro E/ AVS 103

3. AGV Italo

2. Harmony CRH 380 A

1. Shanghai Maglev



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