Top 10 Harry Potter Characters who Died

Top 10 Harry Potter Characters who Died

This piece of writing only includes font who were breathing at some tip in the manuscript, first tome upwards. I have not in use keen on explanation typeset like James and Lily Potter who were given to us merely in flashbacks, and ghosts like Nearly Headless scratch who dies comprehensive preceding in the direction of the novels begin. I will talk of characters with whom we shaped an touching bond in the course of our interpretation and whose death left us overwhelmed and shook our faith in humankind. Oh, and also several deaths at which we rejoiced, Death Eaters of lane. Okay. That’s just concerning it. Here’s to reliving some aching Harry Potter reminiscences

Top 10 Harry Potter Characters who Died are:

10- Bellatrix Lestrange


9- Hedwig

8- Cedric Diggory

7- Peter Pettigrew

6- Dobby

5- Sirius Black

4- Dumbledore

3- Severus Snape

2- Voldermort

1- Fred Weasely

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