Top 10 Hottest Cities for Nightlife in India

Top 10 Hottest Cities for Nightlife in India

Nightlife means leisure that is available at night. Indian nights have always been youthful and fun filled. India’s nightlife is in the middle of the most craziest and amusing nightlife worldwide. The place has always been the main draw for the nightlife lovers. The vitality and variety of the country are reflect by its nightlife. India is becoming popular for its night club, bars, discos and musical concert. If you are tired and bored after a long frantic day, these spots serve you loads of activity, fun and relaxation at the same time. Many bars, discos, clubs and restaurant are open throughout the night and even in the morning for hardcore party animals. India is a favorite hotspot for tourist and there are many appealing nightlife spots that compel tourists to board flight and come here. The nightlife here is fairly happening. There are many gorgeous cities in India that can take your gasp away with their astounding nightlife. India’s nightlife is simply remarkable. So below is the list of top 10 cities in India for the most alien and fun  filled nightlife.

10. Jaipur

9.  Chandigarh

8.  Chennai

7.   Kolkata

6. Hyderabad

5. Pune

4. Bangalore

3. Delhi

2. Mumbai

1. Goa

 Goa isn’t a city but it is an final destination for party lovers and couldn’t be reserved out of the list. A trip to Goa can not be whole without experiencing the awesomeness for its nightlife. Talking about Goa, the first thing that comes in mind is club. Whether you are looking for cocktail, beach parties, trendy lounges, jazz concerts or dancing till dawn  – Goa has it all. not like other cities where parties are shut at midnight, here one can dance the night away. Discos in Goa are the major attraction for the tourist. This is a place for people who enjoy dance, clubbing and enormous boozing. The city is globally famous for its nightlife. Classy Goa dance clubs, pubs, live activity, and family fun are all accessible here. Goa truly defines the term nightlife. Goa casinos are the other magnetism for the tourists here. Titos, Mambos, Butter Lounge and Shiros are in the midst of the popular purpose. If you are concerned in the full moon night daze parties, then Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Colva and Dauna Paula are the best option. Goa’s reputation as a city to party in is well deserved, and there  is a wide selection of nightclubs to keep somebody up all night. Clubs are sprinkled throughout the city. Goa without a doubt offers the best nightlife understanding in the nation.
Sumit Gulia

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