Top 10 Most Insecure Cities for Girls in the Earth

Top 10 Most Insecure Cities for Girls in the Earth

Top 10 Most Inse Women are being tortured almost everywhere but there are some places where the women are treated quite badly. Such places are dangerous for women. People at these places treat women brutally. They do not have any respect for women. Many crimes like gang rapes, acid attacks, stoned to death, take place at these places against women. Generally people think that foreign cities are quite save and people who live inside foreign cities are very broad minded but this is not a accurate perception. In foreign countries, also people tend to torture women. Here we have the list of top 10 most unsafe cities for girls in the worldcure Cities for Girls in the Earth Ciudad Juarez is positioned in Mexico. The place is very dangerous because of the phenomenon of female homicides. The concept of female homicides involve the murder of many women. Here a group of women is targeted, and then they are killed. They are also tortured before they are killed. It is noticed that the group of women who are kill share similar attributes. Haryana is a part of India. Women are being brutally tortured in Haryana. They are being tortured for almost every possible thing. Gang rapes, acid attacks and household fighting is quite common in Haryana. Dowry death  are also continuously mounting in Haryana. People torment their wives for offering and they even kill them for dowry

Top 10 Most Insecure Cities for Girls in the Earth are:

10. Nairobi

9. Sana’a, Yemen

8. Ciudad Juarez

7. Haryana

6. Mogadishu

5. Peshawar

4. Kabul

3. Riyadh

2. Cape Town

1.New Delhi


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