Top 10 Very Interesting Facts about Elephants

Top 10 Very Interesting Facts about Elephants

Elephants are a fraction of our life, culture and habits. They are associated by means of various religious beliefs around the world. They are also see as a symbol of understanding and altruism. They are the third mainly intelligent animals in the earth. There are various attractive facts about them on or after why they live near water bodies to the best pregnancy period. Let us find out the top ten facts concerning elephants which we motionless are unaware of, here go the list:

10. Ears

 9. Food

 8. Feet

 7. Reproduction

 6. Social Lives

5. Death

 4. Teeth and Tusks

 3. Trunks

 2. Intelligence

Elephants have a physically powerful cultural, historical and spiritual significance universal. They are symbol of mythology. In Hinduism, they be seen as a symbol of strength as well as wisdom. In parts of southern India elephants carry out all the temple rituals, they be well trained and it is a chief tourist attraction. Even an Indian deity face is of elephant. Since age elephants are second-hand in wars and are known for their royals. In south Asia they are a religious outline and they are also one of the flora and fauna according to Chinese zodiac schedule. Elephants can be easily see in any of the ancient art occupation. Since ages and still they be a part of religious, edifying processions and ceremonies.

 1. Significance

Elephant is third for the most part intelligent animals on this sphere. Their brains unaccompanied weigh 5kg, they can be with no trouble taught any task to carry out. Except whale they contain the most complex ruin in their brain. These twist and turn in the brain is accountable for their intelligence. immediately like humans they also state emotions like humor, grief, sympathy, self-awareness as well as cooperation. They also express the liveliness and outstanding knowledge abilities. They encompass a highly developed brain district which is accountable for spatial awareness and emotion. They can easily be trained to paint and play sports competition like cricket, football as well as basketballs. There are incidents which give you an idea about that they are also altruistic en route for other like rescuing trapped dog or human.

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