Top 10 A large amount Risky Cosmetic Items

Top 10 A large amount Risky Cosmetic Items

Cosmetics be a part of our day to day existence. Parties, outings, shopping, or office wherever we go we need to apply make, for some occasions subtle and for some heavy. a anumeral of beauty company for their own profits often compromise with the quality of ingredients used in developed the products and the result- damage to our skin, followed by other chronic problems. Many times it so happen that the ingredients mentioned are not even true and that affects us. at this time be a list top 10 most dangerous cosmetics items: Planning to  make straight your hair using your own straightened or those in the salons? If yes then earlier than doing that take a look at the effects of using hair straightness. The poles apart method of hair straightening contain direct heat and harsh chemicals which may prove dodgy at times. The new hair that grow after the progression grows frizzier than the normal; it causes dandruff and dries the scalp. Allergy or other types of reaction are commonly associated with hair straightening and it in addition leads to severe hair fall.

Top 10 A large amount Risky Cosmetic Items are:

10. Hair straighteners

09. Shampoo

08. Eyeliners

07. Anti-aging and anti- wrinkle creams

06. Deodorants

05. Sunscreens            

 04. Nail polish

03. Hair dye

02. Mascara

01. Lipstick


Sumit Gulia

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