Top 10 Methods to Make Your Home Theft Proof

Top 10 Methods to Make Your Home Theft Proof

We’ve all had that unreasonable fear that we attribute to the movies of a menacing group of men clothed completely in black with masks on their faces holding us imprisoned while they carry away our most priced properties. How unreasonable are those fears? Not very.

With thefts increasing in virtually every neighborhood, we have to work our way around and put up a fight: a fight for safety, security and a life of gladness without our hard-earned belongings being at a risk.

To ensure your family and loves ones living a safe, theft-proof situation, here are some measures that can be taken to stop theft:

10) Get a dog

9) Be alert

8) Hire a security guard

7) Keep the lights on

6) Get expensive door locks

5) The door must be strong

4) Get an alarm system installed

3) Maintain regular checks in your home

2) Door viewers aren’t just cool-they’re effective 

These can stop people from even entering the gate if you don’t identify them. On the other hand, if it someday that you do know, they could be a doubtful too. Be careful about whom you let in-and when.

One can never be too suspicious and cautious nowadays.

1) Outsmart your thieves

If you have a large front lawn-install automatic sprayers that go off when somebody steps on them (Props to Princess Diaries 1). If you have a swimming pool, it could mechanically illuminate when somebody is walking past it at night. Get thorny scrubs they couldn’t hide in to surround your home and pointed wire fences on tall walls if there is something particularly valuable in there that you are defensive.

Last but not the least, appear to live self-effacingly. It’s hard for anybody to be tempted by people and a home that looks relatively plain and unwanted to rob. Let the interior space recompense for the exterior.


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