Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World


Life on world is really short and there is just too much too see. Let’s be sincere all of us have one or more “dream destination”, the places that we wish to visit before we die. And really we would consider ourselves very lucky and would consider our lives victorious if we happen to visit our dream destination one day. The beauty of a country depends on various factors and aspect. It is not only about the beautiful landscapes, mountain and rivers only. It is really a lot more than that. It is also about the people that inhabit there. It is about the history that is attached to various places of importance. It is about the streets and culture, the local food shops and street foods. It is also about the customary dresses and the dialect. It is about the day to day lives of the people and knowledge about that. While some of the tourists be anxious ad care more about the sceneries and natural individuality of a country, some on the other hand are involved towards the human side of things. In this article some of the most beautiful countries on earth are listed. In ranking these countries quite a few aspects have been taken in to contemplation and not only the scenic beauties. This by no means can be said to be an full list and the rankings are not official. However the list presented here brings out the total beauty of the countries and therefore can be used as a rule for prospective tourists and travelers  One can according to his or her interests feel free to add or remove items from the list and modify it to suit their needs.

10. United States of America

 9. Australia

8. China

7. India

6. South Africa

5. Brazil

4. Italy


3. France

2. Switzerland

1. Scotland




The Scottish bagpipers, beautiful hills and meadow and the awesome pubs and restaurant truly present what can be safely careful as the most beautiful place to visit on earth. The people are very gracious and yes it matters! Besides Scotland has also got a very rich cultural inheritance and learning about them while travelling around Scotland, visit the castles and other past places there is truly a treat as well as it is a once in a lifetime occasion.

Sumit Gulia

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