Top 10 Most Beautiful States of India

Top 10 Most Beautiful States of India

India is a vast nation with a total of 29 states and 14 union territory. It is known for its rich legacy, history and geographical variety. Every state has its own beauty and is different in its civilization, traditions, monuments, people, flowers and the fauna, food and speech. To choose few states is to ask a mother to choose her favorite child. though, here are ten states of India which are little more gorgeous in their civilization and heritage than others:

10. West Bengal

9. Himachal Pradesh

8. Punjab

7. Madhya Pradesh

6. Gujarat

5. Goa

4. Rajasthan

3. Kerala

2. Uttrakhand

Uttrakhand is known as ‘the Switzerland of India’. It is the home of the Gods, consists of glaciers, snow-capped mountain, flower valleys, skiing slopes and dark forests, shrine and places of pilgrimage. Haridwar is the only lay on the plains of Uttrakhand where lakhs of persons visit every year. The knowledge of Uttrakhand might depart one stranded for words, to describe its beauty. Beauty is so intrinsic in all things from the generous Himalayas to the holiest of the rivers, from the holy mystery to stunning landscape, from the relentlessly colorful play of natural world to enchanting the past carved in ancient stones, from mesmeric floral and faunal to the ease of the people.

1. J&K

Known as “The Heaven on Earth”, the beauty of Kashmir with its bright green green valley, the hygienic blue skies, the beautiful snow capped mountain in the lap of Himalayas is simply breath-taking. It has always been praised for its artistic beauty. Tourism is a vital part of Kashmir’s wealth. Often called as “glory on Earth“, Kashmir’s mountainous scenery has involved tourists for centuries from all over the world. Its major magnetism lies in its scenic beauty, snow clad mountains, blooming green valleys, alpine villages, cascading waterfalls, astonishing gardens etc. Kashmir is a place worth visit once in a life time. During winters one can enjoy the boat ride on very well-known Dal Lake. The other attraction are Gulmarg, Srinagar, Nagin Lake, Pari Mahal, Yeusmarg, Shankracharya shrine, Mughal Gardens and Pehalgam. Jammu is too known for its scenic scenery, antique temples and mosques, Hindu and Muslim shrine, castles and forts.

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