Top 10 Places you must Visit when you come to India

Top 10 Places you must Visit when you come to India

India is said to be a massive and diverse country with many forms of culture, languages, places etc. It provides the travelers with blessed temples to beaches to mountains to unmatched cities and many more. India has always been acclaimed for welcoming its tourists with great balminess. Often called as Unbelievable India in terms of tourism, there are many places which are in itself attractively tranquil and important to see. Lots of tourists are involved with the places in India and visit every year which makes their trip a unforgettable one. Since India has got diversity of places to visit every year, there are few places which are a must to visit when coming to India:










Separately from this, Agra Fort, Jama Masjid, Fatehpur Sikri are some of the must tourist magnetisms and the pethas of Agra are a must to taste. Thus, Agra for its historical implication and archaeological memorials stands 2nd in the list of the must staying places in India.


Famous for its unspoiled and beautiful beaches Goa is the biggest tourist enticing place in India in malice of being the smallest state. It entices more than 2 million tourists every year just because of its bright nightlife, tasty seafood, churches. Baga and Anjuna are the most well-known beaches of Goa where the tourist can relax by having recline or spoil in any water sports like jet skiing, windsurfing, paragliding and lots more. The beautiful cathedrals are a must to visit along with the Wednesday Flea market. Goa’s prevalent drink- Fenny and by relishing to the tunes of the music played by the DJ’s on the beaches can help in stimulating up the mind.
Due to its mix blend of nationwide and international cultures, attention, cooling beaches it makes it more worth to visit this tranquil place again and again coating the list.

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