Top 10 Princesses in The World Today

Top 10 Princesses in The World Today


Thanks to all the imp tales we read while rising up, the world is fanatical with royalty. We are star struck with their beauty, lifestyle and habits. Tabloids track their every move and we look on with awe as these timeless tiara wearing beauties smile, pose and elegantly wave at the masses whom they call subjects. Princesses fascinate us the the majority, perhaps, because we quality every mythic element of the fairy tales we have read to them. We doubt jealously about their fine-looking consorts and the magical lives they must be leading behind the huge limestone walls of their castles. Modern princesses have cast an even stronger spell on us, simply because they are so standard. They seem to be like us in every which way. They dress in jeans and t shirts, go to educate and college and start working in corporations or charity. In fact, many of these princesses are not born into crowned heads at all, but have ascend the throne by virtue of their charm and nature. But every once in a while they slip into silk dresses and sparkly tiaras to remind us that they are ethereal beings that walk on cloud while we stargaze enviously. Here are the top ten queens and princesses in the world who have us thoroughly under their spell. A special talk about goes to the most glorious princess of all times, Diana. Had she been alive, she would have undoubtedly topped any list that she was part of. unkindly her young life was cut short. Yet we, her admiring fans, cherish her bequest and her work in our memories forever.

10. Jetsun Pema, Princess of Bhutan

9. Keisha Omilana, Princess of Nigeria

8. Tatiana, Princess of Greece and Denmark

7. Zara Philips, England

6. Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden

5. Madeleine, Princess of Sweden

4. Letizia, Princess of Asturias

3. Charlene, Princess of Monaco

2. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

1. Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge



finally, the number one Princess in the world. Kate Middleton prior to her marriage to Prince William, second in line to the throne of Britain and sixteen nations of the Commonwealth realm, Catherine now goes by the title Duchess of Cambridge. Like Princess Mary, her narrative is typical commoner marrying royalty and had intensely captured the head of not just British public, but that of the earth. Her widespread term association with the Prince, the way the couple have remained “normal” despite the heavy media scrutiny and royals pressure they are under, her excellent sportsmanship and her unique and iconic sense of fashion have rendered her a hot favourite with the masses. It is estimated that she has especially boosted British fashion by three billion pounds, her royal wedding in April 2011 boost the national tourism by billions of pounds and now that she is pregnant with the royal heir, her unborn baby is expected to fetch the British financial system a enormous 380 million dollars. She is termed to be Midas of the fashion world, with anything that she is seen tiring being sold out in a matter of minutes. She is the most photograph royal in the world, and this status has only intensified with her new pregnancy. With her baby due practically any day now, the attention and eyes of the world is on her. Her talents, disposition, aptitude and kindness truly leave her a worthy heir to Diana, her late mother in law and much-loved princess of the earth.

Sumit Gulia

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