Top 10 Reasons why Desktop is Better than a Laptop

Top 10 Reasons why Desktop is Better than a Laptop

We are in the 21st century which is also regarded as the Digital Era. We live in a world where our lives are completely intertwined with the development of technology.  Today’s scenario is such that a day without a computer is like a year without rain! Computers that were used only for computing purposes have now become the prime unit of the working world. Starting from the size a large room, the computers have evolved into smaller desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks as well as now, the tablets. The processor speed, size, memory capacity, everything has been developed with each of the generation of computers.

People go gaga when it comes to high end machines as well as gadgets which are slick as well as user friendly. But to what extent are they ready to compromise on their performance? Even though the computers are becoming more compact as well as stylish, the desktop PCs that are considered as bulky as well as huge are preferred more by most people than those ultra slim laptops. You may wonder why! Here is the list of reasons why a desktop PC is always better than a laptop.

10. Safe and Secure

9. Cost

8. Rugged

7. Ethernet and Peripherals

6. Power Supply

5. Large and Multiple display

4. Gaming and Graphics

3. Performance

2. Processor

1. Easy to upgrade

Increasing the size of your RAM or adding new  PCI cards as well as IDE disks requires a larger motherboard as well as more number of slots for expansion. In a desktop PC, it is very easy as the size of the motherboard doesn’t matter much. In a laptop, the motherboard is fitted in to fixed framework or chassis. Thus it limits the size of the motherboard as the laptops need to be smaller as well as thinner which leads to the limiting of space to fit in new memory drives in them.

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