Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

Money makes the world go around is a saying we often hear these days. It’s all concerning the money. Who has more money plus who has less money is all that one cares for these existence. And why should we not? We exist in an age where prices of every product, big or small, are increasing faster than we be able to say its name. Some example of these are petrol, diesel, vegetables, etc. So it positively is a necessity, more than a desire for every nation to obtain rich. In this case, some country are naturally gifted with resources that construct them a rich country while a few others have have to work their way to the top. When a country is wealthy, it doesn’t have to worry about budget deficit, loans, borrowings, its federal formality etc. When such an environment exists in a fatherland, its economy tends to function worse and bring in more profits and development. on the contrary, such an environment is conducive for the universal lifestyle of the people, and they also get hold of further motivated to perform better in their everyday jobs. But only the financial factor is not enough to make a country rich. It have to have a good social welfare system, it have to preserve its natural resources, it should create the unsurpassed of facilities for its citizens etc. While manipulative the world’s richest countries, we take into account the GDP or the gross domestic product of the country. This gives us a truthful insight into its economy.

The next are the top 10 richest countries in the world –

10. Kuwait

GDP – $43,846

9.  Switzerland

GDP  – $54,000

8. United Arab Emirates

GDP  – $48,992

7. The United States of America

GDP – $49,820

6. Brunei Darussalam

GDP – $50,526

5. Hong Kong

GDP  – $50,708

4. Norway

GDP – $55,264

3. Singapore

GDP – $60,883

2. Luxembourg

GDP  – $80,679

1. Qatar

GDP – $102,768

Sumit Gulia

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