Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World All Over The World

Top 10 Richest Wrestlers in the World All Over The World

There are many types of sports played in the world. All modes of entertainment & sports are cherished by people of all ages and mentality. Wrestling is only one of the most talked about sports in the whole world. This sport has the most fan following in the world &  the wrestlers are considered as god for billions of people all across the world. Out of all the  WWE is the most famous and dominates this list.
There are crazy fans all across the world but every one cannot be rated as the best of them all. The list below will share all the richest wrestlers in the world in 2015. In USA, it is the fourth most followed sports after baseball, basketball and football and as of now WWE is broadcasted to over a 150 countries in more than 20 languages.

Generally, the live events are organized in the United States but the sport is equally popular in the UK where events are staged on a regular basis as well. Now with so much fan following, some wrestlers in the roster are very popular, and with popular comes bigger contracts and fatter pay checks.

1  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson  $125 million
2  John Cena John Cena $35 million
3  Triple H Triple H $25 million
4  Kurt Angle Kurt Angle $20 million
5  The Undertaker The Undertaker  $18 million
6  Randy Orton Randy Orton  $15 million
7  Big Show Big Show $13 million
8  Sheamus Sheamus $12million
9  Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler $9 million
10  Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio  $7.5 million


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