Top 10 Taj Mahal Facts and Secrets Uncovered

Top 10 Taj Mahal Facts and Secrets Uncovered

The Taj Mahal is highest, most recognizable in addition to iconic images of incredible India. Its slight minarets, elegantly bent archways plus vanilla scoop domes contain forced every visitor to stand at its entrance and wonder at its splendour. The wonder does not lie merely in its constructions. It has earn itself a place on every list likely from UNESCO’s. It is one of the most precious Heritage Sites of the planet. The Nobel Laureate of India referred Taj Mahal as a “tear fall on the cheek of time”. Recent studies have shown that Taj Mahal is sinking in stream Yamuna. We have hear a lot about this pale monument but still there are still loads of to no avail and unhidden facts that contain escaped the common community eye. From the fact so as to The Taj Mahal has a mosque in its compound because of which it remains shut on Fridays and only people who are departing for routine prayers are allowed to the intelligence that Shah Jahan used to travel by boat to arrive at Taj Mahal and the boat would sail from side to side Yamuna which was closely behind the Taj Mahal. Let us walk around the peak ten unhidden facts and stories correlated to the world renowned TAJ MAHAL.

 10. Tourism

 9. An Epitome of love

 8. 22 Years of construction

7. Marbles and Tombs

6. Other facts

5. Camouflaging effect of Taj

 4. Myths

3. Secret of Pillars

2. Glimpse of Male supremacy

1. Temple or Tomb



An Indian writer has claim that the Taj Mahal in realism is a Lord Shiva Temple. He file a petition but be rejected. No one has ever dare to challenge this eternal love tale except this man. He believe that the whole world has been fool. According to him it is an very old Hindu temple of Shiva. He claim that it is a corrupt version of Shiva’s fortress. He believes that the love tale of shah Jahan and Mumtaz is a fairy tale in addition to nothing like happened in reality. in view of the fact that Shah Jahan’s time numerous rooms remained preserved and are still out-of-the-way to the general public. Some says they hold statues of Shiva and other objects used in temple. During the time of Muslim ruler the emperor’s family was dormant in temples and building which were captured as of Hindus. Humayun, Akbar and Safdarjung all are dormant in the similar mode in such mansions.


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